Ninja Is The World’s Most Popular Twitch Streamers, Says Research | News

New research has found that Ninja is the most popular streamer on Twitch.

Research conducted by online casino experts at CasinoScores assessed streamers and their major audiences, analysing data from Twitch Metrics and Social Blade, looking at three different factors: follower count, channel views and viewer hours.

The study revealed Ninja is the most popular Twitch streamer, with 17.5 million followers and 571 million channel views. Michigan-born streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins has totalled 1.7 million viewer hours, despite this being the lowest amount of viewing hours in the rankings, he became the first streamer on the platform to surpass 3 million followers since the birth of his channel in August 2020. Ninja also partnered up with superstar Drake in 2018 when the pair broke the platform’s record for the most people watching an individual’s stream; the duo were later joined by Travis Scott and NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster.

You can check out the full table featuring the 5 most popular streamers below:

RankUsername Followers  Channel Views CountryViewer HoursHours Live this month
1Ninja  17,535,456        571,847,306USA          1,759,069             105
2shroud  10,009,557        568,192,402Canada          2,879,835             206
3xQcOW  10,373,638        518,764,751Canada        20,715,122             284
4summit1g    6,072,122        503,382,016USA          6,174,487             344
5Amouranth    5,274,473        395,861,879USA          2,478,577             277


Commenting on the study’s findings, a spokesperson for CasinoScores said: “With all five of the platform’s most popular streamers originating from either Canada or the USA, it is incredible to see how many successful streamers have dominated the platform, just from these two countries. With more than nine million channels on Twitch and around 44 billion minutes streamed each month, the platform has significantly revolutionised the gaming industry. This research reveals who is continuing to dominate this highly saturated gaming platform.’

The research was carried out by CasinoScores a leading online gambling community that promotes safe and responsible practices and discussions around gambling. 


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