Nintendo Reveals New Splatoon 3 Song, ‘Clickbait’ | News

The latest Nintendo Direct revealed a lot of cool information about the upcoming title Splatoon 3. We’ve got a protagonist reveal, a crazy campaign mode, the return of the wonderful Squid Sisters, and even new multiplayer footage as well.

Of course, Splatoon wouldn’t be itself without its eclectic, zany and upbeat soundtreack featuring nonsensical lyrics. Recently, the Squid Research Lab revealed a demo track from the punk band C-Side, called ‘Clickbait’. You can check it out below.

SRL described the music group as “a grungy, rebellious trio that reps hard for the Splatlands,” and that their track “rips with Splatsville spirit. With an electrifying rhythm and supercharged guitar, this jam sounds like a band at the top of their game!”

We can’t wait for the official soundtrack release of this one.


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