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As we trundle inexorably towards the end of 2021, a year which did not do much to dispel the drudgery of 2020, it’s good to know there are still some things that you can rely on, like your monthly instalment of free Playstation Plus games. Below is the list of titles available throughout November for PS5 and PS4/PS4 Pro.

But, wait! There’s more! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Playstation VR, the lovely people at Sony are bolstering the standard 3 free titles with a further 3 VR titles. Fancy!

As is always the case, the Rule of Free applies: titles can only be downloaded gratis with a valid Playstation Plus subscription. If there’s a game available that you like the look of but can’t spare the drive space or time at the moment, add it to your library but remember that you need an active PS+ subscription to play it later.



No stranger to sports PvP games, the delightful money-grabbers at Electronic Arts are looking to switch things up with the brash, colourful dodgeball game, Knockout City. Take to the improvised courts of the Knockout City streets with your crew of friends to knock out your opponents with trick shots and co-ordinated teamwork, all in a bid to control the entire city. Each season introduces new locales, new game types and new balls, as well as cosmetics to customise your character and show off your dodgeball style. Perfect your twitch-shooting skills in frantic, fast-paced matches that even allow you to throw your team-mates at the enemy! 

Available for PS5 & PS4 from November 2.



Riffing on the recent trend for social deduction games, First Class Trouble takes the familiar formula to the stars. Trapped aboard a luxurious interstellar cruise liner that is under the control of a tyrannical malfunctioning AI, players must work together to solve problems and puzzles that will allow them to work their way towards the heart of the vast ship and shut down their inhuman aggressor. 

There’s just one problem: not everyone is what they seem. Of the 6 participating players in any game, 4 are selected at random to be ‘residents’, human passengers trapped aboard the imperilled luxury liner that must co-operate to survive, while 2 are selected as ‘personoids’, physical agents of the incorporeal AI that will lie, cheat, deceive and kill to stop the residents from succeeding.

A fiendish party game, First Class Trouble forces you to pay close attention, question the motives of even your staunchest allies and think on your feet.

Available for PS5 & PS4 from November 2.



With lore created by bestselling author R.A. Salvatore, visual design by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lead designer Ken Rolston working their magic behind the scenes, comes a deep and storied action RPG set in the fantasy world of Amalur. With improved graphics and finessed gameplay, the 2012 player-favourite, Kingdoms of Amalur, returns to consoles for a new generation.

Customise your own champion from one of four races, choose your class from rogue, warrior or mage and set out into a rich, detailed fantasy world with furious combat. Returned from death by way of accidental magicks, players become the ‘fateless one’, a mysterious character that has no memory of their previous life and, through their choices during the game’s campaign, can affect the outcome of a terrible war prosecuted by the immortal Winter Fae.  

Available for PS4 from November 2.



Functioning not unlike a VR version of horror classic Dead Space, The Persistence casts players in the role of a cloned security officer aboard a distressed colony starship that must be repaired before it succumbs to the crushing forces of a nearby black hole. As is the way with these perilous gaming situations, your task is not nearly as simple as it should be. In this case, your former crew have been transformed into deranged, bloodthirsty monsters that seem particularly keen to chop you into small manageable pieces.

If all of this seems terribly difficult (and it does), you will be happy to learn that The Persistence uses a rogue-lite mechanic that ensures death is not the end of your journey, swiftly depositing players in a brand spanking new clone body for future runs. To aid you in your frankly gargantuan task, an upgrade system and weapon-crafting function offer access to improved armour and an out of this world arsenal, all the better to even the odds between you and the abominable army in your way.

Available for PS4 PSVR from November 2.



Ever watched The Walking Dead and thought you could go one better than the cast? Now you can! Don your PSVR headset and journey to post-zombie apocalypse New Orleans where you will fight, sneak and scavenge as you piece together an original mystery set in the Walking Dead universe. Whether you selfishly pursue the life of the nomad, taking what you want for yourself, or rekindle the spark of humanity by helping those that you happen across in your travels, your decisions will have consequences.

Test your skills in a free-roam survival adventure where the walkers aren’t the only hazard. Engage in brutal and satisfying combat but tread carefully as spatial surround sound can give away your every move, alerting enemies both undead and human to your location. Scavenge for supplies and food on a day-to-day basis to increase your odds of survival. Fashion makeshift gear and weapons from found objects to give you an edge over others and test your morals in a world where humanity is no longer top of the food chain.

Available for PS4 PSVR from November 2.




Merging Beat Saber with The Lord of the Rings, Until You Fall is an unlikely but stylish combination of first-person melee combat, fantasy tropes and synthwave music that combine to deliver a unique VR experience. Navigate fantastical neon environments as you hack your way through magically-infused creatures, moving your arms and body successfully to the beat of pulse-pounding music to master the hectic sword-based combat. Unlock more powerful weapons and imbue them with magical upgrades to lay waste to your opponents, striking, blocking, dodging and casting spells with your PS Move controllers in this energetic rogue-lite.

Available for PS4 PSVR from November 2.

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