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As we bid farewell to the Season of the Witch and usher in the Season of Commerce, for many of us the copious disposable income so readily spent on games throughout the year begins to dry up as we redirect our finances to the festive hell of Christmas shopping. Luckily, we can still rely on the monthly gifts gratefully received from Games with Gold to help relieve our battered bank balances and keep us gaming over the festive period.

Detailed below are November’s Games with Gold titles, available throughout the month (with one title being available partway through December as well) to those with an Xbox Network (formerly Xbox Live Gold) or Game Pass subscription. As always, don’t miss out on free games if you don’t have the drive space or time to play: GWG titles can be added to your library to be accessed at a later date, but this will also require an active subscription.



Doing for the removals business what Overcooked! did for the cooking industry, Moving Out is a hilarious single player or couch co-op experience that combines moving furniture with over-the-top physics and increasingly death-defying obstacle courses! Take up your role as a Furniture Arrangement and Removal Technician (who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned rude acronym?) with the fledgling company, Smooth Moves, and help your customers move their valuables against the clock by any means necessary. Are those pesky doors and windows slowing you down? Blast through them, safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t matter what condition the furniture arrives in but how quickly it arrives. Drunkenly juggle couches, tables, chairs, boxes and all manner of unwieldables like you’re auditioning for a guest spot on Gang Beasts while combining co-ordination, problem-solving and creativity to get the job done! Moving Out is often unpredictable fun playing solo but with friends it’s a chaotic party game like no other. 

Available from November 1-30.



Our first foray into the magical world of backwards compatibility this month harkens back to an age long ago when Konami (remember them?) were a force to be reckoned with in video games. Not unlike later incarnations of Sonic the Hedgehog, Rocket Knight is a 2.5D side-scrolling action platformer featuring an anthropomorphised animal as its titular protagonist. In this case, the rocket knight is a steam punk armour adorned, jet pack toting opossum called Sparkster who has returned back to his home of Zephyrus after 15 years living as an outcast only to discover that something’s rotten in the state of Denmark. Not only have the evil pigs from the previous Rocket Knight games (Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2) taken up peaceful cohabitation with the opossums but both factions are under attack from an army of ravenous wolves! Sparkster straps on his jet pack and trusty sword, jumping back into the fray of fast-paced bullet hell, precarious platforming and oversized bosses to save the inhabitants of Zephyrus.   

Available from November 1-15.



In fantasy strategy/resource management game, Kingdom Two Crowns, you sit astride the mighty steed of a prospective monarch, charged with building up a kingdom and defending it from the evil clutches of the Greed. Spend the day growing your number of subjects, building up your towns and exploring your domain for treasures in a lush 2D pixel art land before taking on the foul Greed at night to stop them from stealing your gold and kingdom.

Kingdom Two Crowns uses procedurally-generated lands to encourage replayability, coupled with different biomes and rulers, such as feudal Japanese warlords with armies of ninja and Shardbinder Miriam from action-RPG Bloodstained. There’s also drop-in/drop-out online or couch co-op for those who prefer to share the burden of ruling. 

Available November 16 – December 15.



When legendary super-villains Lex Luthor and The Joker join forces to destroy Gotham City, it’s too big a task for even The Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder to tackle! Luckily, notable Justice League members Superman, Wonderwoman and The Green Lantern are on hand to put their awesome abilities to good use.

Bash, platform, puzzle and build your way through memorable locales from Gotham City and the DC universe, unlocking new abilities, costumes, characters and vehicles that can be used to replay levels in new ways. Partner up with a friend in 2-player co-op and enjoy the comedy cutscenes, addictive gameplay and trademark Lego attention to detail in all of its colourful glory.

Available from November 16-30.

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