October 2020 PS Plus Games | News

So maybe you’re tired of ganking randoms with your mates in PUBG or the appeal of dispensing bare-knuckle justice in Streetfighter V is beginning to wane, either way the October PS Plus free games are patiently waiting just around the corner like a Sony-sponsored genie waiting to spruce up your library with new gaming wares!

Don’t have the time or space to indulge in the titles on offer? That’s no reason to miss out! Simply add the Plus titles to your library and play them at a later date, as long as you’re up to date with your Plus subscription of course.



If you fancy yourself a Fast & Furious-style, supercool four-wheeled outlaw skirting the clutches of the law and underworld villains alike, this first freebie will ignite your inner petrol-head for sure! Not unlike the Fast films, Payback is the twenty-third Need for Speed title in a franchise that shows no signs of slamming on the brakes any time soon (sorry, not sorry).

Players are dropped into the bucket seats of Ty Morgan and his crew as they take on a high-stakes heist to steal a rare trophy car from Marcus Weir but, as is the way with elaborate criminal undertakings, nothing is what it seems and the crew soon find themselves double-crossed by a sinister criminal cartel known as The House. Weir proposes an unusual alliance that will not only clear the names of Ty and his crew but also take down the cartel once and for all. Naturally, the only way to put things to rights is behind the wheel of one of 74 unique cars, all high-performance mean machines able to burn up the open-world miles of Fortune Valley in the blink of an eye.

Take to the roads as Ty, Mac or Jess – each with their own set of driving skills – to take part in thrilling heist missions, metal-crunching car battles, perform dazzling action blockbuster set-pieces and test your metal in races and challenges along the way. Need for Speed: Payback can be played with up to eight players online or single-player offline if you don’t like to share your roads.

Available from October 6th.



October’s second Plus title is a stark contrast to EA’s high-octane racing thriller. Normally known and respected for their narrative-based games like the Life is Strange series, Dontnod Entertainment took a wander out of their comfort zone with the compelling third-person action horror RPG, Vampyr.

Set in the misty streets of London of 1918 as the Spanish flu grips the world, Vampyr follows the fortunes of Johnathan Reid, a doctor recently turned vampire, struggling between his hippocratric oath and newfound otherworldly hunger. Like Dontnod’s other games, Vampyr is a game about choices, even going so far as allowing players to tackle the entire game without killing an innocent if they so choose. Even boss-battles can be circumvented and outcomes shaped through dialogue or investigation, but for those who heed the call of bloodlust, combat against humans, other vampires and even a legendary sect of hunters can be a constant companion if you so wish. But that’s not all, feeding off of any of the 60 distinct characters in the semi-open-world city hubs will empower Johnathan with preternatural abilities like mist bombs, blood spears, literally boiling the blood of his victims and cloaking himself in shadows. And all it will cost him is his soul…

Available from October 6th.


So your October can either be filled with heart-stopping racing action or heart-wrenching decisions, laced with ultra-violence. Or both should you decide! Whichever you choose, it’s a good way to while away those few remaining weeks before the shiny new PS5 debuts.

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