October 2021 Playstation Plus Games | News

Another month, another glut of free gaming for lucky Playstation subscribers! Below are the titles available for PS Plus users throughout October. Naturally, a Playstation Plus subscription is required not only to download each month’s games for free but to play them at any point after they have been added to your library. It’s also worth noting that one of the three games on offer each month will be a Playstation 5 exclusive.



Sounding not unlike a potential John Wick sequel title, Hell Let Loose is, in fact, a World War II FPS featuring gargantuan 50 v 50 pvp battles taking place across key battlegrounds like Omaha Beach, Foy and Carentan. While that may sound entirely like the well-worn territory of the Battlefield franchise, Hell Let Loose is a new IP from industry veterans Team 17 that attempts to bring authenticity to the fore. Each of the 9 enormous maps included have been painstakingly recreated from period-accurate reconnaissance photos and reports, while weapons, uniforms and vehicles are equally as detailed as their real-world counterparts, contributing to immersive hardcore mass-scale conflict that is as bloody and brutal as that of the time.

But where Hell Let Loose really sets itself apart is in its meta-game. Instead of fielding a 50-strong army of lone wolves, the game rewards players that coordinate as a team (under the leadership of player officers and a commander) with in-game resources that can contribute to new weapons, vehicles, supplies and bombing runs. Using a unique sector-based capture system, Hell Let Loose allows for realistic, large-scale battle dynamics that result in a front line that changes in real-time, demanding teamwork and deep tactics to conquer the opposition. Enlist as one of 14 customisable soldier classes and experience war with unparalleled realism.

Available on PS5 only from October 5.



This year’s upgraded PGA Tour offering gives you the chance to play on photo-realistic recreations of the world’s greatest golf courses against the most talented pros, like Justin Thomas, using the improved MyPlayer creator and make it all the way to the FedExCup Championships. Even if you have never lifted a club there are real-time tutorials to get you into the swing of things or brush up on your game with Distance Control, Putt Preview and more.

Bested the courses on offer in the campaign? Design your own to create your dream golfing experience or a fiendish challenge for your friends. Once you’ve tired of beating the PGA pros at their own game, take the challenge to other players in local and online matches with numerous modes and create customisable clubhouses in Online Societies, complete with full seasons and tournaments with custom rule sets and requirements.

Available on PS4 and PS5 from October 5.



If ever there were a video game that needed less of an introduction than a golf sequel, it surely must be the second in NetherRealm’s reboot trilogy of the goriest fighting game franchise to grace arcades and home consoles, Mortal Kombat. Taking place a leisurely 2 years after the previous game, X pits dynamic duo Johnny Cage and Sonja Blade against the forces of Shinnock and their army of Netherrealm demons bent on conquering Earthrealm, because fighting games need a reason to have lots of fighting and what better than a war, right?

The series staple of ridiculously violent fatality finishing moves returns (including patented X-Ray visual damage) alongside new bloodthirsty contenders like Quitalities (instant death for those who would rather rage-quit than lose), Faction Wars, the re-introduction of Brutalities and Stage Fatalities, where opponents can come to an environmental sticky end. The increasingly complicated story of the campaign and the Challenge Tower upgrade, Living Towers, are available for single-player brawling but the real action is online versus other players in 1 v 1, King of the Hill, Survivor, Test Your Luck and an enhanced, persistent, cross-platform version of Faction Wars.

Available on PS4 and PS5 from October 5.





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