Okinawa Rush Punches Its Way To Consoles This Month | News

Sokaikan’s action-adventure platformer Okinawa Rush, will be coming to both Steam and consoles later this month. As one of three martial arts masters, you must brawl and parry your way through the countless warriors of the Black Mantis clan.

With pixel-art visuals, a wide arrange of inputs for special attacks, the ability to parry quite literally any attack, and local co-op alongside, the game is setting out to be a smooth and fast-paced title. Those who don’t care for plot details can always play through the game in Arcade mode in order to jump directly into the action.

Okinawa Rush is coming soon on October 21st on Steam, and October 29th for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the latter of which currently has a playable demo out right now. PixelHeart are currently offering two special editions of the game, one of which is entitled the Black Mantis Edition for ust under 100€. It includes a movelist, a box of gems, and a book of artwork.

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