Physical Copies of Duke Nukem Composer’s Solo Album ‘Derivations’ Now Available | News

Lee Jackson, famously known for his contributions to the Duke Nukem 3D soundtrack – including its main theme ‘Grabbag’ – has announced that physical copies of his second solo album Derivations are finally be available to purchase from Amazon, courtesy of CD Baby.

Released earlier this year, Derivations featured a range of different genres, from Jazz-Funk to Rock, and there’s a bonus interview with the composer as well. Interestingly, it features a previously unreleased song that was used during the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 reveal trailer. The track, ‘Broken Throttle’, is an ambient tune with a Western feel to it, and even incorporates a motif of Duke’s theme song in there as well.

You can also download MP3s of the album from Bandcamp or stream it from Spotify.

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