POSTAL Joins the FPS Fray At Realms Deep

Realms Deep brought a new Postal game with it yesterday, called POSTAL: Brain Damaged. Running With Scissors have handed the reigns to another developer while their hands are busy with POSTAL 4. So in their stead, Poland-based developers Hyperstrange and CreativeForge are cooking up this truly twisted retro first-person shooter.

Dipping into the original game’s roots, it sees the Postal Dude trapped in an abhorrent asylum packed with belligerent patients. He can’t trust them, or even himself. He can trust his arsenal, though, and he’ll have to if he wants to get out alive.

The reveal trailer showed off some gameplay, and it’s very akin to DUSK. You zip, zoom, and slide across the asylum using whatever wretched weapons you can to pulverize the drugged-up hordes. It’s a mix of RWS’ twisted sense of humour and frantic first-person action at its finest, and fans of the series are sure to love it.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is currently set to release in late 2021 for PC and Linux. The series’ spin-offs have always varied in quality, but with the minds behind Elderborn at the wheel, it’s definitely in good hands.

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