POSTAL Redux Guns For The PS4 | News

Postal Redux, hot off the heels of a Nintendo Switch release not too long ago, is blasting its way to the PlayStation 4 on March 5, 2021. Like the Switch port, it will be published by MD Games, with no current word on how much it’ll cost.

In this remake of the first Postal game, everyone’s armed to the teeth and out for your blood. As the Postal Dude, if you want to survive, you have no choice but to… well, go POSTAL. Blast through 17 levels of gunfights and gore and pick up whatever you can find, be it a hard-hitting revolver, a fully-automatic shotgun, or a homing rocket launcher. Throughout the game, you’ll be facing off against rabid civillains, murderous military officers, and in Deathmatch, other players. You can also team up with three other players in the game’s Co-op mode.

While you wait for the release, you can savour the game’s sountrack, which is free to download on Steam.

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