POSTAL Redux’s PS4 Port Finally Hits Europe | News

After a month of waiting, Postal Redux is finally available to PS4 players in Europe, available to purchase for £7.99.

I said this before when I covered the original announcement, but just to reiterate: in this game, everyone’s out to get you. You take control of the Postal Dude, the only outlier in a world gone mad. If you want to keep living, you have to… well, go POSTAL. Blast through 17 levels of gunfights and gore using whatever you can carry, like a punch-packing revolver or a heat-seeking missile launcher. Throughout the game, you’ll be facing off against rabid civillains, murderous military officers, and in Deathmatch, other players. If you’re feeling lonely, you can also team up with three other players in the game’s Co-op mode and tear through the streets of Paradise together. If you’re feeling particularly vindictive, try out the game’s arcade-styled Rampage mode, where quick kills and high scores are the aim of the game.

And if you’re still not satisfied, you can get the game’s soundtrack for free! Here’s a little sampler:


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