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Where are all these popular Twitch streamers coming from these days? Certainly not out of thin air, that’s for sure. On the contrary, it seems like the United States of America is the home of the most streamers using said platform.

According to research by online casino experts at CasinoScores, by analysing sources at Statista and Similarweb, the team concluded that the USA rakes in the highest amount of traffic to the platform with 22.67% of its streamers coming from the land of liberty. It also has the biggest share of viewers on the site, clocking in 107,800 live broadcasts. Almost a quarter of all viewers come from the States as well, and 21.70% of all traffic from last month came from America alone as well.

Apple Pie Land has gone from 32.9 million users in 2019, and is said to potentially to reach 51.6 million in 2024 – that’s a leap of 18.7 million more users within six years.

You can check out the regional distribution of traffic in the table below:


Country Total Share of Traffic on Twitch
United States of America22.67%


And here are the stats counting the amount of viewers on the site over March.


CountryViewers on Twitch (over the last month )
United States of America21.70%
Republic of Korea5.17%


A spokesperson for CasinoScores commented: ‘Twitch has provided avid gamers with a platform to express their love of gaming for the past ten years since its inception 2011. It is exciting to see how many countries utilise the platform, and with the number of streamers and viewers increasing rapidly in countries all over the world, the platform will continue to reach unbelievable numbers and will continue to break records that the gaming industry has never seen before.”

Special thanks to Search Intelligence LTD for the news tip.

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