Running With Scissors Announces Physical Edition of POSTAL 4

POSTAL 4: No Regerts (that’s no typo, honest) has been out for a while in a janky, Early Access state for almost a year now, and has been receiving numerous updates and patches since then. Yes, it’s still a bit rusty, but the anarchic and chaotic fun is no doubt there. There are cat silencers, pills that make your urine super-powerful, armed and dangerous (not to mention exceptionally sensitive) hipsters, and even a quest where you need to fling Americans over the Mexican border. Seriously, how is it NOT a POSTAL game at this point?

Anyway, a physical edition of POSTAL 4 has recently been announced. The tastefully named ‚ÄúCumming Early Janky Edition” just so happens to be a physical copy of the game’s Early Access version. It comes with a copy of the game on a DVD disc, but there’s also digital keys for both Steam and GOG platforms as well. On top of that, you’ll also snag yourself some stickers of the titular Postal Dude, his canine buddy Champ, and the developer’s logo.

You can order them now from Running With Scissors‘ website for $30. While you’re there, why not check out the store pages of the game on Steam and GOG? Who knows, maybe you won’t “regert” giving it a try.

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