Searches For ‘Overwatch Streamer’ Increased By 884% After Beta For Overwatch 2 Was Streamed | News

New analysis of Google search data shows online searches for the phrase ‘Overwatch Streamer’ surged by 884% worldwide on the 27th of April, as fans learned they could gain access to the Overwatch 2 beta by watching streamers play the new game for four hours via Twitch.

Entertainment experts JohnSlots discovered searches for streamers playing the video game series have risen more than nine times the average search volume, according to Google Trends data.

A spokesperson from JohnSlots said “The sequel to the hit first person shooter Overwatch is highly anticipated, and with a date yet to be announced, fans of the original game are eagerly waiting for any updates about the next release. The developers of Overwatch, Activision-Blizzard, gave players early access just by watching their favourite Overwatch streamers on Twitch for four hours on the 27th of April. It’s fascinating to see the surge in searches for streamers, as gamers have patiently waited since the release of first game, in 2016.

“The success of Overwatch was helped by the game’s popular e-sports scene. The revolutionary Overwatch League’s inaugural season was in 2018, and fans have tuned in from across the globe, with almost 350,000 people watching the 2018 finals online. Overwatch 2 is a highly anticipated game, offering new features and heroes running on a new game engine, it will be interesting to see if it matches the high expectations and success of the first instalment.”

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