September 2020 PS Plus Games | News

If the wobbly antics of the little sausage-people from Fall Guys or the grim realities of modern warfare – courtesy of CoD – are wearing thin, fret not because it’s almost September 1st and that’s when the next batch of free games from Playstation Plus are available.

As always, remember that Plus games can be added to your library if you don’t have enough space to download them and that they are only playable with an active Plus subscription.


PUBG: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Your first freebie for September may seem a little long in the tooth but it’s the game that kickstarted the battle royale trend and spawned a thousand copycats along the way: PUBG. While Fortnite has hogged the limelight with its colourful, irreverent charm and slap-dash tactical building shenanigans, PUBG still has a fierce and loyal following worldwide. Favouring a more realistic approach (frying pans aside) PUBG drops you on island with nought but the clothes on your back and your wits as you (along with 99 other maniacs) scavenge your way to the top spot avoiding death, misadventure and that ever-decreasing circle along the way.

PUBG is well established now and has iterated upon the formula it immortalised, adding squad play, new maps and PS Plus players will have access to unique cosmetics like Last of Us Ellie’s backpack and Nathan Drake’s outfit (hopefully steam-cleaned!). The battle royale grand-daddy even has crossplay so you can terrorise your friends on Xbox and PC.



The second plus title for September has a legacy old enough to make PUBG look like a young whipper-snapper by comparison and while the Street Fighter series might have spent its formative years in the arcades of the world, the renowned fighter has certainly made itself at home in the living rooms of the masses in the years since. New challengers fight alongside fan favourites (Ryu vs Ken anybody?), each with their own personal story and training challenges, in Capcom’s most recent version of the popular fighter that’s been a staple of tournaments for years. Fight friends and foes off and online, test your skills in Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode, online-enabled Extra Battle Mode and earn fight money to buy characters and cosmetics. SFV also features PC crossplay.

For those of you in the US and Canada who’ve already cut their teeth (and fists and feet) on Street Fighter V, Playstation are having an online SFV tournament starting on September 4! Check the official Playstation blog for more details as they become available.


So there you have it. Two easy to pick up, hard to master favourites offering hundreds of hours of gameplay, all at no extra charge. Keep them peeled here for October’s Plus games when they drop.

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