September 2021 Playstation Plus Games | News

It’s the first week of a new month, a time when Playstation fans clamour for news of the free games that Sony will bestow upon them for the next few weeks. Detailed below are this month’s free titles, all available from September 7.

As always, a Playstation Plus subscription is required not only to download each month’s games for free but to play them at any point after they have been added to your library. It’s also worth noting that one of the three games on offer each month will be a Playstation 5 exclusive.



Those unfamiliar with the foul-mouthed, ranting exploits of one Gordon Ramsay may be inclined to think that being a chef is a pretty sweet gig: swanning about, tasting delicious culinary creations and barking orders at your underlings. Allow Overcooked! to dispel such fanciful notions as you are thrown into the fast-paced, high-pressure (cooker) environment of preparing meals to order.

Working alone or with friends in either local co-op or online, budding chefs must prepare an increasingly diverse array of meals using the correct ingredients and preparations against the clock. Sounds simple, right? But what happens when you’re working in a new unfamiliar kitchen each time, where the placement of necessary items and hardware is unhelpful to the point of being a wilful hinderance? What happens when these dubiously designed kitchens are situated on moving trucks or on the summit of an iceberg? The sky’s the limit as the complexity of the meals being prepared is only matched by the absurdity of the kitchen design.

This All You Can Eat edition mixes together both Overcooked! games along with side servings of their DLC to assault your taste buds and controller skills.

Available on PS5 only from September 7.



Many games have tried their hand at asymmetrical PvP over the years but if there was ever one IP that is tailor-made for this style of gameplay it would be the gruesome otherworldly hunter known only as The Predator. Enlist, personalise your loadout and take your chances as part of a heavily-armed four-person fireteam charged with completing a variety of mission types against AI enemies before getting to the chopper and evacuating.


Become the ultimate hunter stalking the deadliest prey – other players – as The Predator. Use deadly alien technology like optical camouflage and your shoulder-mounted plasma caster to decimate foes. The jungle is your playground as you traverse through the treetop canopy unseen by enemy players and aggressively extract grisly trophies from those who fall to your deadly alien weaponry.

Available on PS4 and PS5 from September 7.



From one apex predator to another, gaming’s most (in)famous assassin (probably), Agent 47, rounds out the last of our free games for this month in the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2016 World of Assassination reboot.

Experience the ultimate spy thriller as you travel the globe, tracking down the elusive Shadow Client and disassembling their deadly militia to draw them out. Learn more about 47’s mysterious backstory from dubiously procured clues and follow disparate leads from forcibly extracted confessions. Take out targets your way in massive exotic sandbox maps filled with creative killing options, setting up deadly traps to eliminate your targets in spectacular fashion. Completing the campaign is just the beginning as challenge modes add increasingly exacting requirements to hone your deadly craft and the Sniper Assassin mode opens up a world of possibility, delivering co-op play for the first time in the franchise.

Available on PS4 and PS5 from September 7.

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