Shantae Dances Her Way Onto The Switch With Her First Ever Title | News

The first ever Shantae game has finally been ported to the Switch eShop. Originally released on the Game Boy back in 2002, this action-adventure platformer did not sell very well, but it pushed the technology of the cartridge at the time to dizzying heights. It was eventually ported to the 3DS, but now it finds its home alongside every other subsequent release in the series.

The developers at WayForward describes it as such: “The eponymous hair-whipping, belly-dancing teen Half-Genie […] hair-whips, dances, and transforms as she seeks out four elemental stones throughout Sequin Land to put a stop to the nefarious lady pirate, Risky Boots. During her quest, she explores treacherous labyrinths, gains amazing new powers, conquers mini-games, and encounters friends such as Rottytops, Sky, and Bolo.”

Environmental transitions, secret passages, purchasable abilities, the ability to transform into animals — that’s just the top of the iceberg. This version has a GBC mode or GBA-enhanced mode, a bonus Tinkerbat transformation, more save states, multiple display options, tweaked controls, and an art gallery.

Shantae is out now on Switch for £7.99/$8.99.

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