Sirlin Games’ Fighting Game Fantasy Strike Is Now Free-To-Play

The latest update from Sirlin Games for their fighting game Fantasy Strike is a big one. Most importantly, it is now a free-to-play title on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with the added bonus of cross-play support. Sirlin Games describes the title as a “strategically difficult, mechanically simple fighting game by an ex-Street Fighter developer”, and promises “no pay-to-win, grind-to-unlock or time-gated elements.

All characters are playable in Online Casual, Online Ranked, Practice Mode and Vs A.I. Mode, respectively. Not only are there two additional playable fighters, but there are also new victory poses, K.O. effects, practice animations, and a wide array of costumes.

Those who didn’t purchase the game before the announcement can purchase the Core Pack – which features Arcade Mode, Boss Rush, Survival, Local Versus, and Online Friend Matches – at £14.39. Otherwise, you get it for free if you already paid for the title. A new Fantasy+ subscription is an optional purchase that offers double XP, a replay feature, and exclusive Master Costumes. It has a 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month option priced at approximately £3.99, £19.99, and £32.99.

The Collector’s Pack features the aforementioned Core Pack, along with 13,500 gems (which is worth more than the pack itself), one year of Fantasy+ Membership, and an exclusive outfit and K.O. effect. It is priced at a whopping £71.99.

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