Slo-Mo Kills In The Jungle! 0.78 Update For Maximum Action Goes Live | News

Maximum Action is the brainchild of George Mandell, and pays homage to classic action flicks of the eighties. Think John Woo gunfights with ridiculous amounts of gymnastic bravado (skillful kills will rack up big points) and a retro shooter aesthetic, and you’ll get a rough idea of what this first-peraon shooter is like.

After a long wait, the highly-anticipated 0.78 Update has finally dropped. This completely overhauls the Jungle level – originally one of the weakest missions in the Early Access FPS – with a brand new design. Now it’s a freeroam mission whereby you must complete objectives. According to the patch notes, there’ll also be “foliage, destructible buildings, guard towers, and even enemy tanks”. Hey, at least you get to drive them now as well, and you can burn down the shrubbery if you so wished.

Finally, Maximum Action now has a brand new main theme that you’ll hear once you reach the main menu. Composed Daniel J. Stimac, who also made the rest of the music for the shooter, Mandell decribed it as “a nice blend of old and new, with an extreme level of authenticity replicating classic action movie scores.” You can check it out below.

Maximum Action is available on Steam for £11.39 / $14.99/

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