Soundtrack For Boomer Shooter Prodeus By Andrew Hulshult Out Now

Bounding Box Software Inc.’s Prodeus has been making rounds in the boomer shooter community ever since it cropped up on Kickstarter a few years back. Now, it’s finally out in Early Access on Steam. If you like DOOM-style gameplay with some gorgeous graphics and blood galore, then this might be just another title to quench your thirst.

Shortly after its release, Andrew Hulshult, the game’s composer, released the game’s official soundtrack on Bandcamp and Steam. Andrew’s known for his contributions for games like Rise of the Triad 2013, DUSK and Amid Evil, so it’s great to see he’s still trying to melt people’s faces off with a selection of harsh, aggressive tunes featuring hard-hitting electronic beats, grindy guitars and eerie ambience enveloping them all.

It’s a pretty kickass listen – do you have any favourite tracks?

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