Splatoon 2’s Mario-Themed Splatfest Goes Live – Super Mushrooms vs. Super Stars | News

To celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, Splatoon 2 fans will once again be taking apart in another Splatfest, with a Super Mario twist – which is better, invincibility from a Super Star, or super-size from a Super Mushroom?

The new Splatfest will take place from January 15th at 10pm (GMT) 2pm (PT)  to January 17th at 10pm! Players will once again have temporary access to the Splatfest Tee in support of their chosen team. You can even purchase them in real life on Nintendo’s storefront.

Plus, the top 100 players on both Splatfest teams will receive one a collectible Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary medal. As Mario himself would say, “Mama Mia!”

In Splatoon 2, Splatfests are special battles where players join one of two teams with vastly differing opinions on all sorts of topics, e.g. is cake or ice cream better? Both factions must duke it out with opponents around the world in Turf War battles, where the team who coats the stage with the most ink before the allotted time runs out is deemed the winner. When the tournament rounds off at the end of the week, the winning team will be announced before receiving bonus goodies as a reward.


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