Study Reveals Which Games That Are Making Players The Happiest | News

It’s been tough, with everything going on these days, so it’s only fair that people have turned to video games for solace and positive emotional experiences. After all, they’ve been proven time and time again to be beneficial for our mental well-being.

A new study from musicMagpie has surveyed players of some of the most popular titles to find out which games are making us the happiest:

• The escape to an idyllic island in the form of Animal Crossing proved irresistible to players in 2020, and 64.8% were the happiest playing the life sim.
• With clubs closed for the foreseeable future, players are turning to Just Dance to get moving and 60.7% of players are the happiest on Ubisoft’s family favourite.
• While Mario Kart 8 is sure to get pulses raising, 58% of its player base exhibited happiness when hitting the rainbow road.
• Rockstar’s crime epic GTA V makes the top 10, with 45.9% the happiest causing havoc in Los Santos.

To view the piece in full, along for which games can most positively effect your relationships, check out their findings here.

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