Trailer For Ancient Korean Murder Mystery Visual Novel Suhoshin Revealed | News

No More 500 has announced their first ever title: Suhoshin. Set in 15th Century Korea, and inspired by Korean myths and legends, you’ll have to travel through space and time in order to capture a murderer. It is the company’s first entry.

According to the premise, “the player controls Yuri, a young man that recently became a guard and back in his hometown: Yangdong. But suddenly, mysterious murders disturb the tranquility of the village and bring fear to the people. Yuri is asked to investigate and will try to do his best to stop the threat. During his investigations, he will meet various characters and will have to decide if he trusts them or not.”

The title will offer ten hours of story, and multiple endings via branching paths. It also features┬áCharacter Design by Kageyoshi, who worked on KEMCO’s acclaimed psychological thriller VN Raging Loop – one that we gave top marks for.

Suhoshin is set for release later this year on Steam first. Future ports seem likely, but in the meantime, check out the reveal trailer below.


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