Ultra-Fast Cyberpunk Stealth Game Quantum Replica Available On PC & Consoles | News

Fast-paced action and stealth mechanics in a cyberpunk dystopia are what you can expect from ON3D Studios’ latest title Quantim Replica, now out on  Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility.

In this top-down, rapid paced title, you play as the cyborg protagonist simply known as ‘Alpha’ as in hopes of infiltrating a shady government organisation known only as the ‘Syndicate’ in hopes of getting your memories back. Not only will you have to sneak through five unique districts past state police, armed security and nasty bosses, but you’ll also have the ability to control time as well.

Quantum Replica is currently available with a temporary 10% launch discount on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below:

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