Upcoming Fall-Themed Cosmetics For DOOM Eternal Includes A Pirate Mancubus | News

DOOM Eternal has received a minor update across all platforms. Nothing too interesting to say about it, barring this one: “Main Menu music is now the same as it was when DOOM Eternal launched in March 2020″. Fans will most certainly be happy to know this.

However, the really cool nugget of information is the “fall-flavored in-game event cosmetic content”, as the Slayers Club described it. Recently revealed is a screenshot of a pirate-themed skin for the Mancubus, just in time for Halloween in a month’s time.

‘Le Manc’, as he’s called, will be but one unlockable skin that players can grind for. More details will be coming over the horizon in the near-future, so be sure to keep an eye on the Slayers Club for more updates.

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