VR Arcade Shooter-Racer Hybrid Hyperblade Now On Steam | News

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… and virtual reality headsets. The shooter-racer hybrid Hyperblade is now supporting VR on Steam.

From the press kit: “Hyperblade is one part VR racing game, and one part vehicular combat. challenge your opponents to a traditional race or amp up the stakes by strapping some weapons to your drone and battling it out in the combat arena or blow your opponents off the track.”

In it, you can race against opponents via online or split-screen, and even take part in an arena mode which is said to resemble arena in a first-person shooter. No racing, just deathmatch-action with drones. Now, thanks to a new update, you can play Hyperblade with an Oculus, Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The game is available on Steam for £7.19/$9.99. Check it out here – there’s even a free demo to try.

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