Wednesday Update For POSTAL 4: No Regerts Goes Live | News

Rise and shine, it’s a new day in the not-so-beautiful town of Edensin! POSTAL 4: No Regerts, the over-the-top comedic first-person shooter and Running With Scissors’ latest entry in their beloved franchise, has received the “Wednesday Update,” adding new missions, areas, and character customization to Steam Early Access and GOG for PC today.

The Postal Dude must complete a few unusual tasks on behalf of the town mayor and bidet-lover Mike J. There’s a toilet paper-worshipping cult to fight, along with its fanatical leader Tinklage (I wonder who voiced him?), and brand-new districts to visit, like the Affluent/Industrial zone. You can ride the attractions at Kunny Island amusement park, and even suit up the Dude with some rather familiar-looking threads. Plus, if you ever wanted to spray enormous piles of poo with a hose in a sandbox FPS, then your tastes are oddly specific, but you’ll be satisfied nonetheless.

A wreath of additional features, patches and fixes are also included; you can check out the full changelog on Steam. Don’t forget to peek at the trailer:

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