Xbox One Port Of Gal*Gun Returns Cancelled

If you’re after some more quirky, smutty fun from the lewd Gal*Gun rail gun shooter series, then you may be pleased to know that a remastered version of the first game is currently in development at the moment. Pacifying fanatical schoolgirls that are madly in love with you with a Pheromone Shot certainly sounds dopey enough, right? Now we have a re-released version in the works, with improved visuals, extra game modes, and an incredible amount of costume DLCs bundled alongside.

Despite being announced for the PC and Switch for February 12th, 2021, it looks like Xbox One players are going to be missing out. According to a statement by developing company Inti Creates, “after productive discussion with Microsoft, that we would be unable to ensure consistency of experience across all platforms.”

One could speculate that the game’s rude content is something that Microsoft may not have been okay with. It’s but one of the reasons why anime-themed games with plentiful amounts of fan service are not being made for the PS4 anymore, due to their strict censorship policies on such content. Nevertheless, Nintendo and PC fans are no doubt going to be gettiing their fair share of waifus, so at least they’ll be happy (among other things).

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