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In the Yakuza series, one minute you could be on the run from the mafia, or hunting down a billion yen gone missing. In between all of that, you’d probably end up in the karaoke bar singing your heart out as goofy music videos play in the background. That’s what makes the series so brilliant: the tone of the can shift from one extreme to the other. The plot lines are usually pretty damn serious, full of consipracy, murder, and battles against uneven odds. On the side, however, the optional quests and mini-games will have you giggling away at their quirkiness.


Speaking of karaoke, being able to hear the protagonists sing the blues or rock their hearts out has always been a fan-favourite feature in the series. Here are some of the best tunes you get to hear!

Judgement -Shinpan-

Appears in: Yakuza Zero

Sung by: Kazuma Kiryu & Akira Nishikiyama

Easily one of the most iconic karaoke songs from the Yakuza series. Kiryu and his bud Nishiki both get the chance to sing this one, but you really can’t top the Dragon of Dojima belting out lyrics with his bass voice over the badass guitar riffs. It’s difficult to resist singing along to the unforgettable chorus: “Breaking ze law! Breaking ze world!” 



Baka Mitai

Appears in: Yakuza Zero, Yakuza Kiwami & Yakuza 5

Sung by: Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama & Taiga Saejima

‘Baka Mitai’ is a melancholic love song about a relationship gone sour. Even with the passion gone, the lyrics still lament about missing that special someone. It’s been covered by three different protagonists; Akiyama easily gives out the best performance because of how passionate he sounds, but Kiryu’s bluesy performance is still top-notch, even in the strings-and-piano remix ‘Baka Mitai -Sorrow-’. 



24 Hour Cinderella

Appears in: Yakuza Zero

Sung by: Goro Majima

It’s campy, it’s silly, and it features the one-eyed madman Majima prancing around in a sparkly suit. While its lyrics are clearly inspired by the children’s tale Cinderella, the song on the whole is pretty much a parody of eighties idol bands’ ridiculously catchy instrumentation and English interjections. 



Honjitsu Wa Diamond

Appears in: Yakuza 6

Sung by: Kazuma Kiryu

‘Honjitsu Wa Diamond’ (‘Today is a Diamond’) may as well be the happiest song you’ll ever hear Kiryu sing. It’s such a wholesome listen, thanks to its bouncy rhythm and lovely back-up singers. This may be the only opportunity we’ll ever see Kiryu dance around while playing a ukulele. 



Samurai Ondo

Appears in: Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin!

Sung by: Okita Souji/Goro Majima

Souji is Majima’s samurai-equivalent from ancient Japan, and he’s just as much of a wackjob. So much so, that he chants and screeches through ‘Samurai March’ a traditional-sounding tune with wind instruments, a march-inducing beat, and cheery chants from the crowd. Lyrically, the song’s about how he’s got a big sword and will cut down any sucker in his way because he’s so strong. Plus, he goes off-topic and complains how hot it is partway through the song. It’s such a narcissistic, ridiculous, and quite frankly brilliant listen.



Pride From Despair 

Appears in: Yakuza Kiwami 2

Sung by: Kazuma Kiryu & Goro Majima

When you’re feeling down on your luck, there’s nothing better than a kick-ass Heavy Metal tune to get you pumped up. ‘Pride From Despair’ is an unfiltered, fast-paced tune with shredding guitar and chants of “GET THE F**K UP!” Kiryu can sing it solo, but the duet version with Majima’s crazy exclamations, is the go-to version. 




Appears in: Yakuza Kiwami & Yakuza Kiwami 2

Sung by: Riku Minato, Yuki, Rina Rukawa, Koyuki, Yua Mikami

While the original X3 Shine (originally from Yakuza Zero) was a peppy pop number with a wonderful female singer taking the lead, with interjections from Kiryu or Majima in the background, EURO de X3 SHINE cranks it up a notch with a faster, happier sound to it. The Japanese-exclusive album ‘Ryu Ga Gotoku Goro Majima Karaoke All Time Best Collection CD’ contains a special version edits in both gents chanting along in the background.




Appears in: Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! & Yakuza Kiwami 

Sung by: Sakamoto Ryoma, Kazuma Kiryu

If you’re after a manly karaoke tune, courtesy of Ryoma (i.e. the olden day equivalent of Kiryu), then Ijisakura (or ‘Stubborn Sakura’) is well worth a listen. Lyrically, the moral of the song is that, like growing a mighty sakura cherry tree, your goals will only come close to fruition with enough time and effort. The original version had tribal drums, clacking and strings that makes it sound all the more passionate. It was even given a rock remix in Kiwami, and a stellar one at that.




Appears in: Yakuza 6

Sung by: Kazuma Kiryu

Kiryu’s a daddy in the 6th game, and he gets his own song about fatherhood. Nothing much to say about this track, other than it sounds like an easy-listening opening theme to an anime. Plus, he goes “la la la” a lot near the end, which is nice.



What are some of your favourites? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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