5 Rare Instrumental Songs Only Found In PS1 Games | Our Picks

Instrumental versions of songs by big-name bands aren’t always commonplace, especially when they’ve never been officially released or sold. Old PlayStation games seemed to utilize licenced tracks from artists a lot, and that includes some vocal-less tracks of a selection of ninteties gems. Here are five that you should definitely give a listen to:

‘Wu World Order’ | Wu-Tang Clan (Wu-Tang: Taste The Pain, 1999)

Okay, it isn’t completely instrumental, but it does extract most of the silly rap vocals, leaving a single small verse and the infectious, echoing chants of the song title. Notably shorter than the album version, this track was featured in this barmy Mortal Kombat wannabe, and proves to be an infectious ditty, thanks to simplistic bass beat and keyboards.


‘Descent (Falling Deeper Mix)’ | Fear Factory (Demolition Racer: No Exit, 1999)

Junkie XL is no stranger to remixing songs by the American thrash band Fear Factory. His remix of ‘Descent’ was given a bit of a hip hop twist, and even without the vocals, the crazy synths and grinding guitars are bound to add maximum pleasure to your vehicular-smashing experience.


‘Leid Und Elend’ | KMFDM (Test Drive 5, 1998)

KMFDM’s doing it again with another great instrumental, transforming a soppy, bloated love song with German lyrics to a digestible Industrial Metal tune. The electronic elements on this track are sublime, and have a ‘city night life’ feel to them. There’s a kickass solo in there, which serves as the icing on the cake.


‘Cars’ | Fear Factory (Test Drive 6, 1999)

Another track from Fear Factory for another racing title, only it’s a modernized version of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’. This version is Numan-less, but still features the works: bouncy rhythms, infectious guitars, and wailing synths. Couldn’t have picked a more fitting track for this one.


‘Haunted (Remix)’ | Type O Negative (Descent II, 1999)

This song is a rare one. Not only was this moody, gloomy and chilling track released as part of the Descent II soundtrack, but an extended version also appears on the expansion pack, almost doubling its length and retaining some suggestive moaning sounds from the original track. ‘Haunted [Per Version]’ is the official name of the track, and was released in its full length – almost 12 minutes! – on a bonus disc for the 2003 album ‘Life Is Killing Me,’ and eventually Spotify. This still makes for a solid starting point until you listen to the full shebang – it’s a corker.

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