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Welcome to the very first entry into the VG Hall of Game, where we speak to some of the most dedicated gamers out there! Andy Shaw’s commitments to the Elder Scrolls Online community have earned him his place here. He’s the dedicated Guild Leader of Grownups Gaming. I hit Andy up for an interview to get some insight into his knowledge and experience.

Mr. Shaw has had over forty years of gaming experience and first started playing on the Atari 2600. Ticking up insane hours on various games, when I asked him how many he’d call favourites, Andy had too many to put on his plaque! Notable favourites include Scramble, Gauntlet, Star Wars, Final Fantasy’s 7 & 8, Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion & Skyrim, Time crisis, Gran Turismo and Siphon Filter. Andy’s experience with the gaming world not only makes him an ideal first entry into the VG Almanac’s Hall Of Game! Think of it as collecting trading cards, in many respects, Andy is our Bulbasaur! When we asked Andy what his favourite thing about gaming was, he responded with “What do I like about gaming? It’s both an escape from real life and offers different challenges and thought processes.”


Grownups-Gaming is a well established EU Guild with an NA presence. If you ask Andy, his greatest achievement in the gaming world is – and with good reason – Grownups Gaming. When I first began my journey in Tamriel, Grownups-Gaming was one of the guilds first offered to me. The same applies to my would-be girlfriend before we met.

Andy’s presence on the Elder Scrolls Online community has helped hundreds of players, so when I got the chance to have a chat with one of the founders of the guild I was ecstatic.

Andy Shaw: Interview


“Your story and legend interweave within the very fabric of other player’s stories, mine and my girlfriend’s included. What are some of the craziest things you’ve experienced as a guild leader, in and out of Tamriel?”


“I’m not sure that crazy is the right word, but there are others who have formed lasting relationships having met people playing ESO, even within the Grownups guild. Though I’m still waiting for an invitation to the first Grownups wedding. Crazy is possibly staying up for hours supporting someone’s attempt to gain the Emperor title in PvP or saying “this is the last go” when you’ve been in a trial or arena for well over three hours at 1:30 am – when you’re getting up for work at 7 am.

Andy says this ones for the Skyrim fans!

The sheer willingness of some people to help others is incredible. Then there are times when people have possibly not realized that their microphones are so sensitive, or even forgotten the mute button: singing, snoring, family arguments even someone watching something very adult in nature while they were playing have provided a lot of amusement.”


“No doubt been the guild leader of Grownups Gaming could be tricky at times, what are some of your toughest times?”


“The hardest times are usually brought about by trying to manage different personalities and finding a balance. I have learnt a lot about people doing this, We have extremes, some people more than happy to be heard, others who have needed convincing that they needed to hear what is said in certain group activities. In the past, and probably still to an extent, some don’t understand the others and need reminding that everyone is welcome as long as they are tolerant and consider others.

All of fifteen of Andy’s EU Characters at the Princely Dawnlight Palace

When my focus is Grownups and what I wanted for the guild, sometimes I have said things which have caused people to leave, but I had to accept that many people want something ready made and not have to work at it. Some have also left through misunderstandings which are also disappointing.”


“Your helpful attitude has inspired many of Tamriel’s leaders, is it still as easy to help people now?”


“I still find it strange that people know who I am, people who compliment what we have built. I had a message from another Guild master this morning saying he likes what we have built and wants to do the same with his guild. After all, I am only doing this because I won the race to level 10 between a few of us from a Destiny clan during the week to start the guild.

I feel it is becoming more difficult to help a lot of new players now, some want to wait to reach a certain level before they join in, others want to race to that high level and don’t want to listen to the fact that it is not a “quick fix” game. Fortunately, there are others who realize how big a game it is and who are happy to ask for help.”


“What’s the story behind the guild?”


“Sometime back in 2014, I joined a Destiny clan called Grownups Gaming. It was a place for casual gamers to chill with a beer after work. It worked well but there were the usual personality clashes and some of the more vocal left, others had real lives that became more important. I had a feeling that we could take Grownups further than Destiny and when Elder Scrolls Online appeared it would either become larger or fail.

Having had experience of the more toxic side of MMO games, I wanted a place where there were no demands on time, where race, gender, sexuality and ability didn’t matter, where people would help other develop their game. I think we have, for the most part, succeeded.”


“Finally, how can people become a part of the GG family, and what lies ahead for Grownups Gaming?”


“What lies ahead? Well, we continue to have a considerable presence on Elder Scrolls Online so people are welcome to join us on there. We are also planning a presence in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76. For me personally, I will stay mainly on ESO as long as the guild carries on.

Andy’s Holiday snaps!

I also have plans to look at more indie games in search of something new as well as having started characters on the NA server of ESO to record some game-play for newer players to try and help them avoid the errors a lot of us made when we started. It almost sounds like a job!

We have, in the past, done game reviews, I would like to do more of that if anyone wishes to join in with that aspect then I would be happy to hear from them”

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