Our Picks: Edd’s Top 10 Simulation Games!

I don’t know what it is about simulation games that make them so much fun. They’re essentially giving you a game which is an attempt at giving the player a chance to see what it would be like if they were in that role, with all the burdens of responsibility that comes with it. Admittedly, some of the games in this list are more on the “playful look at the industry” side rather than the actual simulators that are used to train people on their jobs, but even then, it’s requires a level of attention similar to what you’d expect if you were in the job.

As always – a few rules:

1. One game per series.

2. Only include games I’ve actually played.

#10 Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon was an inspired creation. It gave you a well-rounded simulation game about making something we all love – video games. It even had a nifty little story that took you from your parent’s garage making games for the PC and the Commodore 64 all the way to being a video game megastar, creating your own version of Steam and your own consoles as well as all the games you can grind out. Forming your own company and hiring only the people you want to work for you is a rewarding experience as you can really see your empire grow around you, especially as you make all the games from the past 30 years into mega blockbusters.

It offers a vast amount of customisation in your video games, with hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations possible. Games ranging from a spelling action adventure game to a casual alien game are all possible, if not entirely recommended! There are even full training courses to send yourself and your employees on to really maximise your skills and create the best games out there.

It wasn’t entirely brilliant though, the reviewing system was fairly flawed and took previous games too heavily into the equation and often made getting the perfect game a near-impossible task. Otherwise though, brilliant fun and incredibly addictive. If you missed it, we also did a full review on this game, which you can read by clicking this link here.

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Working hard or hardly working? Duh huh-huh-huh.

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