Our Picks: Edd’s Top 10 Simulation Games!


#4 Sid Meier’s SimGolf

I can’t stand watching golf, and I’m pretty terrible at playing it too. So why on earth would I enjoy playing a game which is all about the sport? I’m still not exactly sure. SimGolf was absolutely fantastic though. It let you build a fantastic, enormous golf course to your own specification, which you’d expect in a simulation game about golf, but it went a step further. SimGolf let you play matches against other golfers, and even hold and participate in tournaments at your golf course.

As you’re actually able to play in the tournaments, it adds an extra element into the creation of your golf course. You have to ensure that the courses are challenging and diverse, but also have to make them easy enough for you to be able to finish them in as few shots as possible. Pulling a double bogey on each hole on your home course is a pretty embarrassing way to finish a tournament. It’s also all the more exciting when you factor in the prize money, as at times, you may struggle to cope financially, and the winnings will be a significant boost to your golf course’s longevity.

There were many things you could do to improve your course as well, including having houses on your course which wealthy celebrities would then buy and move in to, or match up two golfers on a round and attempt to make them progress through a certain storyline. If they reach the conclusion and have a “happy ending”, your course will benefit from it and boost you up the rankings.

Sid Meier’s SimGolf is a classic, and it’s a game I revisit every now and then because it’s so much fun to play. Playing golf in the game is more fun than I’ve ever had actually playing the proper sport – though I’m sure that’s more down to my lack of skill at the real thing, I’m not sure it could ever rival the amount of fun SimGolf brings to the table.


Having happy golfers is it’s own reward!

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