Our Picks: Edd’s Top 10 Simulation Games!


#3 Football Manager 2009

I’ve already written about Football Manager 2009 in a previous list. The Football Manager games take up five of my top six most played games on Steam, with this iteration sitting just about on top of the lot. Football Manager is essentially looking at hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets that each relate to footballers and staff members around the world, and putting them all together in the hopes that you’ll conquer the (footballing) world!

Sometimes, it actually pans out like that. Sometimes you’ll take Bath City from the bottom of the Conference South all the way to being a mid-table team in League One. Sometimes you’ll take Arsenal on an adventure to the non-league, if you actually manage to stay in charge for that long. Of course, you can make it swing in your favour by constantly tweaking your tactics to best suit your team and foil the plans of your upcoming opponents, and by signing the players that best suit your methods. Sometimes it won’t stick though and you’ll be stuck, lumbered with terrible players on a failing team.

Progressing through the game is probably the most enjoyable endless game I’ve ever experienced. For someone that loves football as much as I do, watching players that are superstars in real life have their careers peter out due to sixteen consecutive anterior cruciate ligament injuries is morbidly interesting. As is watching computer generated players come through and dominate the world with their ridiculous stats and terribly generated appearance.

Football Manager is a series that I’ll probably always buy – I have done ever since 2000/2001 when it was Championship Manager. It’s ridiculously addictive and, as a football fan, brilliant fun to watch all the events happen. Even if it is a little unrealistic at times – I’m pretty sure I saw England win something once. Bizarre.

Football Manager 2009... in 2022.

With stats like that, I’m surprised every shot he takes doesn’t go in!

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