Our Picks: Edd’s Top Ten Football Games

I am a massive football fan. I have been ever since I was a kid kicking a ball around my garden, trying to emulate what I’d seen my favourite footballers do on TV and in video games. I spent a large portion of my childhood surrounded by football in various forms and when I’d spend some time on the computer, the chances are I’d be playing one of the entries in this list. While they may not be recognised as the greatest football games ever, they’re ones that have had the biggest impact on me.

First things first – a few rules!

1. One game per series.

2. Only include games I’ve actually played.

3. Just in case it isn’t clear, I’m talking about Association Football, or as it’s known in the United States of America: Soccer!

#10 Michael Owen’s World League Soccer 99 (PC)

With over 200 teams to choose from in ten different leagues, this was a solid release and definitely did Owen no harm in endorsing it. While it occasionally felt a little clunky, particularly when heading the ball, it was generally pretty fun and addictive. Thankfully, Michael didn’t lend his voice to the game, instead leaving the honours to the excellent Peter Brackley and Ray Wilkins, though their lines do get re-used a lot, so you could hear the same phrase dozens of time in one single game which can get fairly annoying.

To it’s credit, the actual gameplay is decent. Striking a ball feels decent and performing various skill moves to bamboozle defenders is always an enjoyable experience.

World League Soccer

They do look a little daft when they run…

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