Our Picks: Top Ten PS1 Games

The Playstation was my first ever console, and I absolutely loved that machine. I had dozens of games for it, so narrowing it down to just ten for this list, especially when you consider the one game per franchise rule, was not an easy task. A lot of nostalgia goggles went into this list, so you probably won’t agree with the order or even some of the games listed below, but these are my top ten PS1 games.

There are a few rules for the list:

  • I have to have played the game on the PS1
  • One game per franchise.


10. Tekken 3

My first ever demo disc for the Playstation from the Official Playstation Magazine contained a bunch of good games – Rollcage, Kula World and Tekken 3. The latter being the one that made the biggest impression on me, mainly due to the phenomenal fighting they put in the game, but also slightly because there was a character that had the same name as me.

Eddy’s capoeira moves were incredible – and so very, very easy to get used to. Chaining moves together to make long combos was so seamless and looked phenomenal. In fact, every character had some excellent methods to inflict maximum damage upon any who faced them. There are obviously some lame characters thrown in for balance, but they are still all unique, and make playing through the arcade mode with each one incredibly fun.

It was never in doubt.

Eddy wins again!

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