BATTLEFIELD 1 – A mini Slew review


This Friday sees the release of the latest in EA’s phenomenal BATTLEFIELD series, and thanks to the frankly brilliant EA Access service on XBOX ONE, I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time playing it early over the weekend!

BATTLEFIELD 1 has taken us back in time again, this time to experience the rarely seen horrors of the First World War.


The cut scenes and stories really don’t miss a beat.

Straight out of the gate this game hits you hard. Before you can get in to the full game your greeted by a message from developers DICE. They have put together a sort of highlight combat reel for you to play through, and you are told that you will not survive this experience.

It’s a powerful message, and as a gamer you feel sure you can beat the odds and hold off the wave of enemies approaching you. But you can’t. I scrambled frantically looking for a loaded weapon to replace my used up rifle, dashing from cover to cover. But I can’t win. It all feels so pointless almost, and in my opinion that was the message.


The Battlefields are hectic, terrifying and beautiful all at the same time.


The First World War was a horrific event that too many today just dismiss as old news and through this small section of the game, I felt like I appreciated the sacrifices made by so many people a hundred years ago, a lot more.

So far for me BATTLEFIELD 1 is great, the first story that you can play through in the early access was really enjoyable, and as always the multiplayer delivers brilliant action.

Fans of previous installments need not worry about the shift back in time this BATTLEFIELD does not disappoint, and if your still um-ing and ah-ing over it. I’d recommend an EA Access subscription for those who can, as a 10 hour BATTLEFIELD 1 trial is live now! Its an absolute steal!



Also. Horses!





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