Marvel’s Avengers (First Beta) | Preview – The Game So Far…

Developer(s): Crystal Dynamics & Eidos-Montréal

Publisher: Square Enix

To be released on September 4th 2020


Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Stadia


The Avengers are about to be released on what it seems to be their biggest video game adventure yet, and, to make sure everything is being done properly, a series of Beta tests will be made throughout August. This is the first beta of 3, which will be released in the following weekends.

Ms Marvel, in my opinion, is the highlight of this beta


The gameplay is definitely the best part of this game. The combat is pretty good and pretty varied, but without being confusing or overwhelming. In this beta, you could play as Ms Marvel, The Hulk, Iron Man and Black Widow. Thor and Captain America were also available, though only in the Prologue mission.

Each of them were very unique in their own ways. Personally, flying around as Iron Man was definitely my favorite thing. but Ms Marvel and Hulk were also very enjoyable. Each character has 4 abilities, 3 main ones and an extra, plus skills that can be obtained by leveling up. An amazing work from the developers, and I can’t wait to play this game in its full extent.

The game does appear to be a bit unstable in big fights with a lot of enemies, having some framerate drops and getting a bit blurry, at least on a standard PS4. Good thing it’s still a beta, though.

Kamala is focused on bringing the Avengers back together


Very little can be said about this part, since only 2 story missions were available. The story seemed at first to be more plot focused rather than character focused, although, later on, it gave quite some focus on Kamala Khan, which seemed to be the true protagonist of the game. Still, there’s too little story to give any concrete opinion about, so I can’t say more than “it looks really promising”.

Multiplayer Missions

This is the part where things got a bit complicated. There are few mission (which was expected, after all, it is a beta), some of them are pretty quick, and some of them are pretty long, adding some nice variety between the grindy ones and the others that were actually challenging. The biggest problem of this game by far, though, is the Matchmaking system.

There are no good things to say about the Matchmaking, I’m afraid. You can’t have repeated characters between other players, which is fine, but sometimes, even playing solo, some characters were locked out for me (resetting the game fixed it, meaning it’s a bug).

Not only that, but if someone entered the Matchmaking with the same character as you, instead of forcing a character change, it just disconnects everyone. And even then, sometimes it just stuck me on a Matchmaking limbo, preventing me from launching the mission, because someone else was joining in, and nothing would happen. Luckily, since this is a beta, there is plenty of time to fix all these problems.

The good part of the multiplayer is, if the Matchmaking actually managed to put me and other players in a group the game worked pretty smoothly afterwards. The missions were pretty fun in group, and it does make things a lot easier. Sadly, I didn’t manage to make a 4-player group, but even as 2 or 3 players, the game is a lot more interesting.

Luckily, for those who aren’t big fans of multiplayer, you still have the option of doing every mission solo, and choose heroes available to you as NPC characters that will help you out on the mission.

Hulk smash with style


It’s a very promising game going in the right direction. All it needs to do is fix the Matchmaking issues and we’ll have an amazing game to play with friends. The combat is fun, the characters have a lot of variety (and the full game will have even more), and the story seems quite interesting. This game might just be as marvelous as the heroes in it.


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