My Talking Angela 2 – Prettiness, Pampering and Potential | Preview

Greetings, sparkling BBFs! I recall how romantic and adorable Talking Tom and Talking Angela’s second date was in Tom Loves Angela, along with how Talking Ben was a right prankster in Talking Tom 2. The feline fatale may not be a chatbot in her first solo app anymore, but I eventually find out that it was still available in Tom Loves Angela before the app became no longer available in the App Store. As the series progressed, I supposed that the detailed furs of Ben and the cats that were highly noticed in 2011 and 2012 were scrapped to save money and make the talking stars more visually appealing to an extent. In mid-2021, a new chapter for the famous feline full of femininity awaits. It has been a month since we were starstruck by the first trailer as we avoided spoilers from the soft launch so that we can find out about the outcome by ourselves this Summer. After sharing the discovery of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog dressed up as pirates in Sonic Dash with my boyfriend outside of this year’s MerMay, I shall analyse the second trailer for My Talking Angela 2…in style!

If you are still avoiding spoilers in spite of the app’s soft launch back in March, this secondary analysis could be right up your alley.

Angela seems to be having the time of her life in her new home. I can see that the wallpaper and flooring in her bedroom can be customised, just like in the rooms in My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom and My Talking Tom 2. That red handheld gaming system on her chair by the doors in her bedroom reminds me of the first console in My Talking Angela. Surely it would be nice for all aspects of each room of Angela’s apartment to be freely customised, just like in Laura’s Happy Adventures after Laura receives a magic wand after visiting a fairy kingdom, but I think getting bigger and fancier furniture, appliances and so on by upgrading them with specific amounts of coins and waiting for specific amounts of time would increase the sequel’s familiarity when it comes to honouring the legacy of Angela’s first title. I expect that even the newly introduced toilet and door can even be upgraded as a sign that the player would need to give her bathroom the V.I.Poo treatment. Plus, I admire how colourful and detailed the rooms in Angela’s new home are as they enhance the overall visual quality of the app.

One thing I forgot to mention when analysing the first trailer is that there are differently coloured electric toothbrushes and toothpaste, making the aspect of keeping her teeth clean more advanced in the sequel, just like how a large variety of different soaps result in different suds in My Talking Tom 2. I think the differently coloured toothbrushes with matching toothpaste can be accessed by spending a small number of coins or after watching an advert, just like how different makeup can be used after any of those methods in My Talking Angela.

It would be cool if certain aspects of the wardrobe can be customisable too. Do not forget to brush the starlet’s fur!

We all know Angela loves fashion! Thank goodness none of the wings shown in the second trailer is the evil wig that corrupted minds in the fifth season of Talking Tom & Friends! Many costumes that could be unlocked by shopping in another country are:

  • A unicorn onesie
  • A pirate costume
  • A queen’s attire
  • A princess gown with a wig and a tiara

I absolutely adore the design of the peppermint candy bow! Her default outfit appears to be a T-shirt with matching shorts, which is similar to how she wore a default everyday outfit in the first one. I do not doubt that more costumes will be available in some updates for special occasions, such as a witch costume this Halloween and a Santa outfit this Christmas. Comparing Angela’s appearances in Tom’s Messenger in 2012 and Talking Tom for Messenger in 2015, I asked myself “What was wrong with Angela not wearing any clothes at all?”, but then answered myself “I guess the different dresses and so on are to expand on her love for fashion.” at a time before all furry friends wore clothes frequently in the current era of the Talking Friends franchise.

Perhaps there can even be a golfer outfit like the ones Princess Peach and Princess Daisy will wear in a Mario Golf: Super Rush for Angela in a future update for her star-studded sequel. I also believe there can be options to change the colours of her fur and eyes.

Hungry? Let us discuss what food will be available to eat and make. If Angela is hungry, she can dine on a variety of food, from apples to burgers. While most food costs coins, food and drink like lemons, round blocks of cheese, and glasses of cola can be gained after watching an advert. The sections of different foods shown in the trailer are not that well organised to me, but I suppose we shall wait until the official names of each category have been revealed. As previously mentioned during the analysis of the first trailer a month ago, the new cooking and baking minigame set in the Sweet Shop seems like a great new feature in a new chapter.

In the second trailer, it has been confirmed that the player can bake carrot cakes and groovy cupcakes. As fond as I was of making scrumptious recipes with Mama in Cooking Mama Friends Café back in the early 2010s, I believe that the cooking and baking activity will be an outstanding addition that will make the sequel even fresher to a new crowd of young players. The analysis of the food to eat and make has been served.

Once again, the food for a feline is far more varied than the food for a giraffe in Talking Gina.

I also like how you get to ice a cupcake and decorate it. Doesn’t this one look cute and tasty?

What else can I say about the outside of Angela’s new home? Did you see how one of the plain building in the city just turned into a music-themed building? This is a sign of new features being unlocked as the game progresses, making the rewards system of the sequel seem more motivating. We know that a brand new feature is letting Angela travel to different places based on locations in real life, including:

  • New York
  • Paris
  • A city in China or Hong Kong

I think an update for the app about a few months after its release may feature a new location that could be heavily based on London in England or Toronto in Canada. Maybe a new location could be based on Morocco, quite like The Sims 4: Courtyard Oasis Kit. The pretty kitty is so lucky to never have to deal with travel sickness on her trips to other countries, unlike a simmer’s sim during a lower-class flight in the mobile version of The Sims 3: World Adventures. As long as her needs are full and green, she will always seem very happy with her new chapter.

As cool as it is to see Angela happily shopping in Paris, there could be more locations for her to travel to in the sequel’s future.

The choreography presented in the dancing minigame appears to be heavily inspired by some well-known dancers in real life. Kudos to the developers for doing some excellent research that appears to have helped make the animations of Angela dancing lively and quite varied. This is quite similar to how Ray Shenusay gained inspiration from Michelle Kwan’s skills in ice skating whilst drawing rough sketches of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck ice skating for Belles On Ice, one of the segments in Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas. There also seems to be more than one design for the setting, leading me to believe that a design will automatically be chosen, depending on the genre of music Angela dances to as proven by the section of genres available that appears before the game starts. This would be quite like how the scenery depends on the genre of music in the dancing minigames in the Wii version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. With lifelike animations and different designs for the setting that fit particular genres of music, the dancing minigame in the sequel appears to be enriched as it maintains simple gameplay that requires tapping at the right time as the player follows the rhythm.

This is solid proof of the inspiration to make Angela’s dancing energetic and realistic in the dancing minigame. The adorable starlet has got the moves, just like Elmo, Abby and Big Bird from Sesame Street!

There appears to be a new rewards system in the dancing minigame as there are music genres that require a certain amount of what appears to be tickets to be unlocked.

In conclusion, My Talking Angela 2 still seems like an exceptional companion of My Talking Tom 2 when it comes to expanding on a new era of Talking Friends. I understand that some of you probably miss the early 2010s days of Talking Friends when retired characters, such as Harry the Hedgehog and Larry the Bird were still relevant like I do sometimes, but the current era is still enjoyable despite how the only species we see in the main spotlight now are cats, dogs and a rabbit. The feeling of keeping Angela’s life enriched could be close to making the player feel as wealthy as a Coin Dozer: Casino! After all, she is often portrayed as a fashionable celebrity who loves to sing. Her new star-studded will be launched this Summer, possibly during a time many PlayStation players play specific games for the PlayStation 5, including Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart with new cosmic red and midnight black wireless controllers. Is everyone up for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox? I am, almost as much as I am up for another cat’s meow in this upcoming follow-up.

I miss Pierre the Parrot and Gina the Giraffe, but at least I still love my girl, Angela. I am proud of her for moving on from the days of being accused of being affected by a hacker. No more spreading of that vile rumour please! Let it fade into irrelevance, where it belongs!

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