She Will Punish Them (PC) | Early Access Preview – In Short, Everything That’s Wrong With The Game

So boys, this is going to be a quick one. But spoiler alert, I definitely recommend against buying this game. It doesn’t have a single factor that makes me point towards it and say, “AHA! Maybe this is the idea that prompted the developer to putting so many hours and making this game!”. Like all my reviews, I’m going to dissect the game and try to talk about each aspect individually, rate them on THIS 10 point scale and give out my final words in the end.

Gameplay – 1

I don’t get it. When I play a game, I want to feel that a developer once had a vision about some idea that they began working towards. I fail to see anything redeemable in this game. The combat is very badly designed, more about which in “Mechanics”. The enemy design is uninspired. The level design is a bland field with fences. It’s the same ARPG and Rogue-lite fusion we see every other week on Steam. I find it very hard to find something which would hook a player who is used to way better games.

Visuals – 4

The only thing they took time designing was images like these which appear when you go click near a bathtub or the throne or such things in the hub area. The level design is bland and uninspired. It does not have any personality of its own, nor do different levels look like they have distinction among each other. But hey, a 4 is definitely deserved for the well-designed succubi – the best part of the game by far.

Content – 2

There is a collection of levels you can play in, but it’s all very repetitive. The gameplay loop makes no effort to give you a different experience with every iteration – limiting the amount of content you can experience.

Mechanics – 2

The attack animation is not bad, even if the movement is floaty. Still, there are a lot of issues I have with the mechanics. Like how sprining limits your camera completely. There is no variation in the melee attacks, of which don’t feel like they have any weight to them at all. You start off barehanded and need to press F1 to equip weapons for some reason. There is no jump which means that the open field you see everywhere is not exactly navigatable, which wouldn’t have been a problem if the level had some kind of verticality to itself. Then, the archers won’t shoot you unless you’re within a certain range. Even worse, there is no sprint attack. So if you’re running and want to attack, you need to stop, catch a breath, and then press left click to attack. There are just too many things wrong and every sentence I’ve said so far has been a completely fresh criticism. It lacks too much polish.

Challenge – 2

I personally couldn’t get what the challenge was in this one. There are hoards of enemies, and I’m supposed to keep left-clicking? There might be more depth to the experience than that, yet with the performance issues and bad mechanics, do you blame me for not bothering to find out?

Diversity – 1

As much as I played, there wasn’t a variety in the enemy types, or variety in the approach I could take during combat. Iif there was any variety in the way I could attack them, the game didn’t make it very clear. So no points for this from my side.

Mapping – 0

An open field with some fences made on Unity doesn’t scream great level design to me, personally.

Soundtrack – 0

The sound design needs serious work. My attack sound was not audible, or maybe very dim. There was no enemy sound. For a second I had to go check my headphones to see if there was something wrong with them. I’m gonna say it again, the sound design needs serious work.

Interface – 0

This is how the interface looked when I tried to change controls. And then the game crashed.


Pricing – 1

I don’t know. Pricing doesn’t really matter when the game isn’t worth playing at all, does it?

Performance – 0

The game crashed all the time as there are so many performance issues overall. It has exceptionally long loading times, and framerate is inconsistent. There isn’t any clothing, hair, wind physics at all but I guess that’s the last of my worries. The game needs to work a lot of things from the ground up. It’s not impossible, but it’s gonna be hard.

Replay Value – 2

I could hardly play it these couple times I did – don’t see it having too much of a replay value.

Final Rating: 1.25

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1 Star


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