Steep: Open Beta Impressions


Not too long ago, the Steep open beta was available across Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I was delighted to be chosen to participate in the early access beta and it was great to revisit the game when the open beta launched. Steep is a new open world, extreme sports game that focuses on winter sports such as snowbaording, skiing and more. I have not been excited for an extreme sports game since SSX and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater were both in their heyday. So does Ubisoft’s new sports game live up to some of the quality of these former games?

Steep: In A Nutshell

Steep is a combination of an open world game mixed with extreme sports game play. You are free to roam the huge, winter mountain range and find events you can take part in or simply explore the best places for you and your friends to pull off some tricks. Travel by foot, on skis/snowboard or fly through the sky in a wingsuit. All of these means of travelling across an overwhelmingly large map offer the opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape, whether it be sitting on the mountain side watching the sun glimmer off the snow or seeing the full gravity of how big the map is when you are falling from a great height.


Ride down the mountain in style in new extreme sports game, Steep.

As much as I appreciate the graphics in Steep, the game play will be what means this game sinks or swims. The good news is that there is a lot of fun to be had in this game despite some clunky controls at times. The different game modes offer players an opportunity to experience a nice variety of ways to bomb it down a mountain with a clear disregard for safety. Although the game tries to remain on the realistic side of extreme sports you will still be able to enjoy the lighter side of extreme sports by customising your ski wear and choosing some downright ridiculous outfits. I don’t see anyone complaining here!

So What’s The Catch?

Everything sounds great so far but there is one thing that niggles me about the Steep beta and that is the controls. They present more of a challenge than a game like this should. The idea is you can just jump in and enjoy the slopes with your friends but in its current state it does present somewhat of a steep learning curve, especially when learning to complete and land tricks. See what I did there!


Traverse the mountain range in style with your wingsuit.

The upside is that despite the criticisms you could throw at Steep, the multiplayer is refreshing as you are in the open world with other online players. Head out on the slopes and just mess around, complete challenges and events as you please or even create custom events for everyone to enjoy!

Final Say

The Steep beta has done a great job so far to showcase a game that is still currently being worked on but could well be the perfect successor to the extreme sports games we used to love! There is plenty of promise here and if they can make a few minor tweaks to improve the game play aspects above then this could be a surprise hit in 2016! The game releases on 2nd December so get ready to take on the mountain this winter!

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