The Shining Potential Of Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Preview

(Uncut version originally published on on the 17th of September 2021)

It has been nearly two weeks since we analysed the announcement trailer and gameplay reveal for Marvel’s Midnight Suns with great caution as an army of demons shall be unleashed with their leader Lilith. There is still a lot of time for us to hope for the best outcome of the forthcoming role-playing game starring many beloved Marvel heroes. Aside from that, what else can I say about Marvel’s Midnight Suns before its release in Spring 2022? Brace yourselves in attire with a striking black and yellow palette, Avengers and X-Men alike!

The premise of reviving the offspring of a demonic leader who has defeated them before is quite a dark but thrilling one as it expands on the forthcoming RPG’s individuality.

Wolverine was at it again! In a new showcase that was revealed a week ago, he is seen battling against Sabretooth with Hunter after another battle with Doctor Strange and Blade Nightstalker in a gameplay showcase. Considering how an upcoming game centred around him has been teased, will his legacy stay as sharp as his claws at the time of its release for the PlayStation 5? The challenge in this upcoming RPG would not only be analysing what effects of each ability in a row of cards, but also knowing WHEN to use certain abilities, depending on the conditions. Moving a team member to a different spot can help bring them closer to a foe when it is needed. Heavy objects can be used to cause more damage to the foes, which brings out the creativity the gameplay has to offer. An example of using a strategy would be figuring out what chain reactions will be available when using Wolverine’s chain swipes. An example of quite a clever decision to make in the showcase would be helping Hunter aim at a crook near an explosive before aiming at it as well and then slashing at him, which will force him to hit the explosive to cause more damage. The widespread battling between Marvel heroes and Lilith’s minions sure seems fiercer than Link exclaiming that he has a stick and striking with it in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Oh wait! That was partially me.

The chosen heroes will level up as the game progresses, which will not only be satisfying but be useful for harder battles.

In certain levels, the hero elected to team up with Hunter by default will be a new one who is not in the roster.

What else can I say about the first-ever customisable character in Marvel gaming? The default design of Hunter shown in the trailers has a hairstyle and colour that reminds me of Lara Croft, especially the incarnation of her in the Survivor era of the Tomb Raider franchise. Considering how Hunter is the offspring of Lilith, the game’s main antagonist, that would explain the ability to travel to a mysterious dimension named “The Limbo” with chosen teammates. Whether Hunter is a male or a female, I would wonder how any character development will go for the interpretation of the first customisable hero in Marvel gaming in terms of building relationships with others.

Crystal Angel, my own Marvel character would be very kind to Hunter if she made an appearance in the game. During the heroes’ break in the abbey, she would perhaps host a tea party or show Hunter how she would do her makeup, depending on the attire she wears.

And about the fact that Lilith is Hunter’s mother, it is shame there could not be any counselling when it came to some family issues.

Surely, there still ought to be some DLC after the game’s release in early 2022, so that there can be some way to provide new challenges and keep the experience fresh, quite like how the racing still rocked with the three packs of DLC for Mario Kart 8 from Summer 2014 to Spring 2015. I am still up for Deadpool being a character within DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Suns as it can lead to him having a family day out with Mistress Death and their daughter Deathpool, along with perhaps some conflict Lilith might have had with the mistress as an expansion on both supernatural women’s development in the history of Marvel gaming. But alternatively, the manly mutate can always cause comical havoc in an update for Marvel Future Revolution. Could a new boss in an additional boss battle be Carnage after his vengeance in the second chapter of the eighth season of Fortnite? I sure hope Thanos will not be able to inevitably snap half of the roster into absence if he ought to be a boss within DLC to take down.

Darn right, Deadpool! I bet Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be the coolest RPG with a title involving sunshine and moonlight since Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! In the meantime, I’ll prepare some tacos for next Taco Tuesday!” – Deadpool.

Darn right, Deadpool! Perhaps any DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Suns can feature a few more demonic yet loveable pets who would not exactly be like the Palace Pets from Whisker Haven for the Disney Princesses. 

After analysing a little more of what Marvel’s Midnight Suns has to offer, I could recommend the whole experience to fans of Marvel comics and RPGs. There may be hope that it will be successful enough as a highly promising RPG to perhaps lead to inspiration for a completely customisable hero or heroine to be playable in a new adventure with many beloved Marvel heroes.

We know when the sun will rise, but will we know when it will set?

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