Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4) | Review – A Journey Through Greece

Developer: Ubisoft Quebec

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: October 8th 2018

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Japan Exclusive), Stadia


After many, many installments, The Assassin’s Creed franchise decided to change its ways on the previous game, Assassin’s Creed Origins. Now, the franchise is putting its feet on the RPG scenario for good, changing quite a lot from its original take way back in 2007. How’s this new formula holding up? Time to find out.



Layla and her friends are on a intense journey to find Atlantis. To do so, they’ll use the genetic material from the Spear of Leonidas to access memories from one of his grandchildren thanks to the power of the Animus. Choose between Kassandra or Alexios and become Greece most fearsome Misthios in all of Greece.

A gigantic variety of gear is waiting for you.


After so many years as a main feature of the franchise, the parkour is better than ever before. You can climb and traverse nearly everything in your way. Movement here is the most fluid than in any other games of the franchise. The combat and stealth are more like Origins. Turned completely into an action-RPG, you have light and heavy attacks, skills that consume your adrenaline bar, levels (much like your enemies) and gear. You can choose between being a hunter and deal with your enemies at a long range. A warrior, who deals with them through meele combat, or an assassin, relying on stealth. But I gotta say, this game revolves around warrior more than anything else. Personally, the hunter skills never really caused enough damage for me, and the stealth suffered a lot thanks to the RPG elements. You can’t kill a sleeping enemy with one attack because his level is too high. Once you get a lot of skills from the assassin skill tree, it does become possible to deal with enemies without fighting them, but it seems the way Ubisoft intended their players to play is through the Warrior skill tree. Regardless, combat became very exciting compared to previous games, so fans of Hack N’ Slash can enjoy this game quite a lot.


A stealth turned Hack N’ Slash.


For the first time, choices are a part of the franchise. Not only you get to choose between Alexios (nay) or Kassandra (yay), but you have plenty of dialogue choices, and even the ending can change according to your actions. I haven’t seen all endings myself, but I’ve seen many people talking about their games ending differently. Most of the game takes place in the past with the character you choose, and having Layla’s story as a secondary objective. Keep in mind though that the story is incomplete; DLCs for the game continue and end the plot.

Assassin’s… Creed?

One thing that is obvious about this game is that many old fans may not like it. First, the change between leaving stealth as something secondary and moving towards RPG/Hack N’ Slash may upset them. Not only that, there’s no actual Creed in this game. It takes place even before Origins, which shows the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood, meaning there’s no Brotherhood in this game. At first I thought this game would show more about the Isu (the ones who came before), and it does, but even then, it doesn’t show all that much, This game is pretty much a stand alone. It’s a great game, amazing gameplay and all, but it’s independent from every previous title. A great game, but a not-so-great Assassin’s Creed game.


Many places available for you to explore.


This is one of those games with a crazy amount of content. The map is simply gigantic, having most (if not all) City States from the time. You have the cities, you can explore the wildlife or even the sea with your ship. Its gameplay is reminiscent of Black Flag. It also includes quests three main story lines to follow: the family story, the cult story and Atlantis story. Besides that, there are way too many side-quests. This game is perfect for those who like to really get into the games they play, but it’s not such a good option if you have little time to play; it could literally take months just to complete the main story. Some side-quests also contain a good share of humor, which is a genre that isn’t so common in games, so it’s always welcome. If you want to go for a platinum trophy, be prepared to put in a few hundreds of hours of gameplay.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a gigantic game that does require time and dedication from the player to be fully appreciated. Nonetheless, it’s a definite change that surely will stay on the franchise for now. With less stealth and more fighting, the franchise has successfully solidated itself as an open-world RPG now. Its Greek thematic, story line and a charming protagonist (at least for Kassandra), this massive installment can entertain you for days, weeks and even months. Although, they could priorize quality rather than quantity. Regardless, it’s worth a shot for any RPG fans out there.

Fight everyone and be fabulous while you’re at it.


5 Stars


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