Beboncool Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch | Review

Official Nintendo merch tend to come with a pretty nasty price tag. £55 for a controller? Give over, lads. It’s at least comforting to know that there are some great alternatives out there. Beboncool, for instance, specializes in cheaper wireless Pro gamepads, and they’re easily worth the asking price.

The equipment in question is light and comfortable to hold. Even after long playtimes, I never felt any strain or discomfort. The trigger buttons are soft on the fingers, and the analogue sticks are ever-so-smooth on the thumbs. Meanwhile, the buttons and D-Pad never stick and function as intended (even if the aforementioned arrow buttons do feel like they’re sinking a bit much into the controller frame). There’s even a turbo button that you can map to any button or trigger of your choice by pressing them both at the same time. A very nice addition for anyone who can’t stand button-mashing.

One minor nitpick is that the capture/record button is awfully close to the minus button, and I’ve personally suffered from a few instances where I’ve taken photos or videos of the game at hand, rather than pausing them. You could cover both buttons with your left thumb, so it’s a mistake anyone is bound to make. It’s nothing particularly major, thankfully.

There’s more good news, at least. It even features motion controls, and it’s just as tight and responsive as Nintendo’s own, not to mention you can toggle the intensity of the controller’s vibration. Plus, its battery will last around 8 to 10 hours before you’ll need to pop the charger in and top it up, which’ll take little more than two hours. And, to sweeten the deal, there’s a 3 year warranty included.

Beboncool Wireless Controller is top-quality, and it comes with a much more reasonable price tag than what Nintendo has to offer. Not only is it comfortable and sturdy, but its lengthy battery life, fully functional motion controls and turbo button are big selling points. Despite the slight issue with the turbo button and D-Pad, it’s a real diamond in the rough, and excellent choice for any Switch owner. 

Product donated for review by Beboncool. It can be viewed and purchased from their site or their Amazon page.

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