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Bounty For Sharks is a first-person shooter by Beep2Bleep. According to the author, it was created in roughly ten hours, and it certainly shows. There’s no real premise here. All you gotta do is fend off waves of killer sharks. Sounds simple enough, but what makes them a danger is the fact that they float across land, and are equipped with both guns and grenades in their effort to enslave the human race and eat everyone’s babies, or something.

For less than a quid or dollar on Steam, you’d probably expect anything but a quality game. And you’d be right. The sharks dish out unfair amounts of damage, and also hitscan you from afar. Surviving for more than a few minutes is painfully difficult and not fun in the slightest. Sure, your M16 might be able to dispatch them from afar, but the shotgun and pistol are easily out-classed since ammo is plentiful enough, and they don’t fire nearly as quickly. There’s also a knife, which is about as effective of a weapon as a bag of dead kittens.


Killing sharks earn you coins, though there’s nothing to collect. Instead, they’re zapped into your inventory. You can use these on the upgrade points on the map, which are just ovals with text floating over them. This is the best place to camp, as you can just strafe through these as you kill foes spawning from afar. There’s nothing to explore or hide behind, aside from a few untextured platforms and a handful of thin trees.

The whole thing looks like it was made from leftover Unity assets, and that too is also true. It’s no wonder that it’s ugly as sin. Plus, there are no menu settings or the like. The music is generic as heck, too. On the plus-side, at least there aren’t any noteworthy framerates, but that’s like saying that you’re glad you got shot because you’re not worrying about your headache at the moment.

This is what happens when you die. The game freezes, and you see this jumbled mess.

Even if it was made in less than a day, it’s just another schlocky Unity engine game that runs and plays like shark shit, and has no redeeming features to help set it apart from the rest of the titles you’ll likely find on budget game compilation sites.


1 Star

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  1. Beep2Bleep

    Thanks for playing my game. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it but thanks for taking the time to write up a review. If you have a VR system my other game Home Plate Baseball is much better. I spent probably a couple hundred hours on that one and is significantly better.


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