Bridge Constructor Stunts

Combining the fast-paced vehicular action of Evel Knievel style stunt runs with the brain-bending fascination of bridge construction. Bridge Constructor Stunts stands as a shining pillar of gold in its own right. Developed by ClockStone and published by Headup Games, when I first fired up the game I wasn’t sure what to expect. Personally, I adore construction games, bridge constructors especially! So when I threw myself into the first few levels, I was over-joyed with what Bridge Constructor Stunts offered me.

Bridge Building 101

What Constructor Stunts lacks in story (or any form of narrative whatsoever), it more than exceeds all expectations in the gameplay department. Stunts‘ gameplay is built to be a fun and interesting experience that will keep you coming back for more, over and over. There are five stages, each with six unique levels (that’s thirty levels) to shake a magic bridge-building stick at. Bridge construction is perfect for a fun night in alone and is genuinely a breeze to create the ramps of your dreams. Combine the art of bridge building, stunt flinging and collecting pick-ups and you’ll get an experience similar to Bridge Constructor Stunts.

Sure, BCS has its flaws, for example, the lack of well-established multiplayer features and detailed leaderboards let the game down. But where BCS lets us down, it more than treats those wounds. Firstly, the use of challenges in each level adds to the replayability factor. Secondly, the challenging – yet fulfilling – trophies and achievements BCS has on offer call to the completionist in all of us. Finally, without a shadow of a doubt BCS‘ ability to keep us engaged and addicted far surpasses anything else on offer.

Audio & Visuals

Graphically, BCS is stunning and a real piece of eye-candy. Keeping graphics that have made it so popular on Android platforms. Console version’s graphics might throw in the odd particle effect from Unity 3D here and there, add extended shimmer and shine to its already existing assets, but that’s what makes Bridge Constructor Stunts shine! Then there’s this intoxicating theme song that can sneak into the gameplay. At first, this upbeat track draws us in, but ultimately, it can get a bit much and become the theme-song to your own personal insanity. The tranquility of builder music is bliss.


To conclude my experience with Bridge Constructor Stunts, I loved this game. As a raving fan of all simulation titles, BCS was just the game for me. I admired the gameplay, everything it has to offer and the addictive features that’ll keep me coming back for days. Inevitably the things that make it shine, are the things that make it flop. As I mentioned briefly with the game’s sanity-bending, straight-jacket-rocking, intoxicating theme song. The perfect title for gamers of all ages looking for a fresh challenge, a triple-backflip says you’ll not be disappointed!



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