Build a Bridge | Nintendo Switch

I’ve not been too active on my Switch lately, but I’m trying to make an effort to play more games on it – to justify me actually having one. One game I gave a go with is BoomBit’s mobile hit Build a Bridge. As you might expect from the title, it’s a game in which you have to build a bridge over a gap – a river, a ravine, you get the picture – and it has to be structurally sound enough in order to hold a vehicle to get across it. Sounds simple, right?

Architectural Brilliance

Build a Bridge is a fairly interesting challenge. It’s got a lot of levels, each with three different challenges to complete – all of which vary in difficulty, but do offer a more challenging task than the standard level will give you. It’s a game that you will find difficult to 100% on a first run, you’ll be surprised at how the other challenges are supposed to be done, and it gives you a lot of good replayability to the levels.

What’s more is the ways in which you can construct your bridges. You can be as inventive as you like – if you fancy yourself an Isambard Kingdom Brunel, you can make some great suspension bridges. If you’re more of a stick a couple of planks together with a bit of duck tape and a lot of hope, then you’re welcome to try that route too! You’re also able to build a bridge that utilises the cars momentum as much as possible – which can be incredibly fun, especially when you make some truly mad stunts for the fearless person who must drive across your bridge.


I wasn’t enamoured with the control scheme, if I’m honest. It’s not awful, and but it isn’t great either. The touch screen commands are pretty rubbish, especially when it comes to removing things, and the actual joycon controls are a bit more functional, but are really slow. You have to attempt a combination of the two to make it work, which actually works seamlessly, but it’s not ideal when you’re just trying to build a bridge. Rather than giving you the ability to construct something structurally coherent straight away, you’re constructing a nightmare that will inevitably kill the first person that drives across it.

The Final Word

I have to say, although Build a Bridge is fun, it’s exactly why I’ve not been on my Switch very much. It’s a pretty average port of a mobile game, that suffers from issues that you would expect from this type of game. It’s another example of a game that works well on mobile but makes the Switch feel like a second-tier console, which it definitely isn’t. I’d avoid, unless you’re a big fan of these types of games.


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