Burnout Paradise: Remastered – Review

Welcome to paradise city! where the cars are clean and the views are pretty! Burnout Paradise is one of the golden classics from the last generation of home consoles. Whether you have a need for speed, fast-paced stunt shows or want to sink into some serious crash, bang, wallop. Burnout Paradise has just the fix you are longing for. In case you missed this high-octane, open-world racer on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, it’s just been remastered for the Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4!

This Remastered beauty is a godsend to motor-head fans on both formats. It comes locked and loaded with all the in-game DLC from the original game, that’s eight DLC packs for you to enjoy. Among these DLC packs are Toy cars, Big Surf Island to explore and Burnout Bikes! In the times of the PS3 and 360, not everyone had internet access and could get their hands on the DLC, I was included in this group of people. Nowadays it seems everyone has internet access to play as a necessity, with the PS4 and Xbox 1 almost refusing to play without some form of connection. If you where a part of the non-internet users on last gen, you can experience what you missed out on with this remastered version!

The game still plays the same, the crashing is still over the top and DJ Atomica is still annoying. The graphics have been touched up a little and addition of all that content is very much welcomed. Burnout is still one of those great pass-the-pad games for you and your friends to play together on a rainy day. Taking down those pesky drivers to unlock new cars in the junkyard is still as satisfying as ever. The iconic finish lines from before, still getting a devilish handbrake turn every time we cross them. All the games famous cars return like the Opus, Extreme Hotrod and the Inferno Van. Whether you are looking to relive the past or experience the game for the first time, there are lots of things to go at.

It isn’t just the cars that make a return. The music playlist from the old game is here too, bringing a sense of nostalgia to us who played the game before. All the classic hits from the last game are still shouting at us including Adam Ant – Stand and Deliver, Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend and of course the main theme tune for the game: Guns and Roses – Paradise City. You just can’t help yourself bursting into song every time Broomheads Jacket – Fight music for the fight, starts blasting at full volume while weaving in and out of traffic at 100 MPH. All the classical music and the Burnout 1,2 and 3 songs from the old games are there for you to groove and shift yourself to all the way to the finish line.

If you have no friends, don’t worry, this game is still good for you. The single-player experience remains true to its origins. Lots of races, takedowns and stunt run events to sink your teeth into. Each one of these events comes specifically to a car type. What will you prefer? Stunt cars are the best rides for jumps, barrel rolls and blitzing through the various shortcuts of Paradise City; they receive a big fat boost bar fill every time they perform the above tricks. Maybe you’re more of an aggressive driver? In which case, Burnout provides you with some hefty, chunky rides that can put the other drivers in the city into an early retirement with ease. These beasty vehicles get a nice boost bar fill every time you take down another driver or rip your mean ride around aggressively. Finally, there are the Speed class cars, I hate these cars. I am not a calm or focused driver when it comes to super high-speed mobility, but for all you speed demons, this is the car for you! You can only use your boost bar once it has been filled up to the top, hold the boost button in to chain together “Burnouts” and zip down the road faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.

The game’s replayability is great too, the only thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the Trophy/Achievements for the game. It’s not that it doesn’t encourage you to play, its that it doesn’t encourage you to 100% the game. Burnout Paradise: Remastered is a breeze to get all the trophies/achievements and for some players, once they reach this stage, they stop playing. You won’t have to get all the cars, or hit all the jumps, smash through all the billboards (in-game sort of collectables) or even find every shortcut. It’s a game of halves really, you get the highest trophy for smashing billboards and finding shortcuts at half-way through their totals. There are 120 billboards in paradise city, you only need to hit 60 of them to get the last related trophy. Again, for some people, this is a major selling point, a nice easy platinum/1000G and a charming game to boot. For me, this lets me down, I like to be pushed to get all the trophies/achievements. there are a few fiendish ones that require patience or skill, one such trophy/achievement is for getting 8 Players in the Wildcats Baseball Stadium at the same time. This proves easy enough well the game is still relatively new, but I can imagine it will be very difficult once the game has been out a while. Also, I forgot to mention that the max lobby size is 8 players, so you need every player, in the stadium.

That been said, the Freeburn mode is actually a blast, really fun. All that slow-motion business is scraped for a faster paced free mode session with 8 players maximum shooting around the map. The Freeburn challenges mix it up a bit, they require players to complete certain objectives on the map, working together in most cases. This is where it can get frustrating when 7 out of 8 people are trying to do the events and one person is just having a Sunday drive it can be infuriating. Most DLC packs revolve around online play, so having a couple of mates play the game with you can help. But if you enjoy the Freeburn mode you will get a lot out of online multiplayer.

To sum up how I feel about Burnout, its great. The game plays like it always did, a supersonic dream! It looks better and the entertainment and replayability value is very strong.  I’m very pleased to be back in Paradise City ripping it up with the online community. I would recommend this game to all my friends, and to you, the reader. Don’t be left in the dust, get your copy of Burnout today! See you in Paradise!


Overall Score: 8/10

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