Cable Guys | Peripheral Review

In a change to our usual format of video game review, today we’re going to look at a peripheral that holds on to your various gadgetry, be they phone, TV controller or a console controller. Coming in a variety of well known characters from across popular culture, such as Deadpool, Ezio from Assassins Creed, Spyro the Dragon and many more, you can rely on these little statues to keep ahold of your favoured controller or phone so you don’t have to.

A companion to carry your burdens

Having a singular place to keep my controllers is incredibly useful. I always tend to lose track of almost everything, so having a place to store my game pads, television remotes and even my phone is really handy. Although it is designed for game pads, I’ve been increasingly using my little Deadpool to keep hold of my telly remote controller because that way I always know where it is. I would imagine that parents of particularly messy children may enjoy these little statues to encourage their little ones to put their game pads away, especially if they are guided by their favourite characters.

I wouldn’t say Cable Guys are solely for children though – there’s a broad selection of figures to choose from, each of which look and feel fantastic. Aside from the obvious detail of looking like a well known video game or movie character, the statues have a good weight to them. Not heavy enough to pose a challenge to picking them up, but heavy enough so that you know your statue isn’t going to tip them over should you have a particularly weighty item to stack on it. It also speaks to the quality of the product – it’s not some horrendously cheaply manufactured item, the statue is extremely well made.

Not quite what you’d expect

So while I’m a fan of the general product, I do think there is a little bit of not totally truthful advertising in play here. With a name like Cable Guys, you’d expect the statue of your favourite character to come with charging capabilities. These little figurines, however, do not have that ability. You can only use them to position your controller, phone or tablet on. It feels a little shady to me, when I first picked it up, just looking at it, I thought it could be used to charge a device, especially as it comes with a decent cable to do so, but sadly not the case.

Deadpool holding PS4 controller

The Final Word

I quite like my little Deadpool figure. I am forever losing my controllers in the cushions of my sofa, so having a place where I always put them means I never have that issue again. It also looks pretty nifty and, overall, is quite a useful little thing. I would suggest that you don’t fall into the pitfall and assume that it will charge your device, but I do find it handy to have a dedicated place to put my controllers or remotes.

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