Demon Gaze II

Despite playing a bunch of anime-heavy games lately, I’ve still not learnt my lesson. I’m not overly fond of the art style, I don’t particularly get on with the plethora of ridiculously clad individuals and even the story telling tends to get on my nerves. Even considering all of this, I still decided to give Demon Gaze II a try.

Perhaps I was wrong

Demon Gaze II is a game which focuses on a rebel faction who are attempting to release the townspeople of Asteria from the hypnotising spell that Magnastar has them under. The one thing that gives you an edge over your enemy is your eye. For some reason, you have what is known as a Demon Gaze, which allows you to capture demons within your eye, for you to use them in battle. This can make for some pretty interesting and enjoyable battles, as there are plenty of demons to experiment with.

Ooh, this pathway has a big skull-cog thing. Scary.

The general dungeon crawling is pretty fun too. Admittedly it’s a very retro style of gameplay, harking back to the good ol’ days when you needed a pen and paper to make a map. Sometimes though, that’s a wonderful way to spend an hour or two. Roaming around various expansive areas, all wonderfully designed and crammed full of fun things and some not-so-fun enemies is brilliant fun, and the developers in Demon Gaze II have nailed it.

No wait, I’m an idiot

After around an hour of playing, I’d almost completely worn out my X button. A cut scene to set up the introduction of the story is a good thing, but Demon Gaze II takes it to another level. There was a few occasions where I’d spend a couple of minutes actually playing the game, but the majority of time was spent clicking through banal conversations. Conversations with the most irritating, clich├ęd characters the world could possibly throw at you. It’s exactly what every other anime game has thrown at me, and disappointingly, it was not a surprise to see it again here.

Wait, what the hell is that thing?

The Final Word

I think I’m done with anime style games. Yes, the actual gameplay was pretty solid in Demon Gaze II, and the story was decent, but I just could not get on with the characters or the humour of the game. It’s a shame, but I just don’t seem to be able to enjoy these games.

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